[Silvermoon][A] <Guardians of the Plume> (7/7H 3/3H 9/10H) Casual guild lf DPS & heal

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Hello all!

Guardians of the Plume is a small raiding guild that is looking to progress the rest of Legion and future expansions on Normal and Heroic difficulties. We enjoy downing bosses together as we joke around on our voice comms (Discord).


We raid two nights a week: Wednesday and Sunday from 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time (starting invites at 19:45).


We are looking to expand our team with more dps and a healer. Our current roster gives us a slight preference for mail/leather ranged dps, but all other kinds of damage dealers will be considered (and most likely accepted).

As for the healer, we'll accept anything but a mistweaver or a holy paladin. Bonus points if you don't mind going dps every now and then (this is not a necessity, by far).


It's not much, but we ask a minimum iLevel of 870 to actually join the team. Anyone below this is also more than welcome to join and we can surely boost you through some Mythic+'s to get you up to speed in no time.

If you'd like to ask any more questions or are interested send us a message in-game or through battle.net. You can find us at: Lunaface#1538, HappyMerry#2564

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