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so im a person who is new to hunter in the past couple of weeks and with the gear ive got i am doing about 260k to me that seem low is there anything im doing wrong? 

I know that you arcane shot then aim shot aim shot in the vunerable times but i just dont know what I need to do can someone please give me advices

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MM hunter single target damage lives and dies by your vulnerable window and trueshot aura.  I highly recommend picking up this vulnerable tracker for weakauras:

Your goal is to get your aimed shots into the last two ticks of that window, assuming you've taken the Patient Sniper talent.  As Vulnerable ticks down on a target, the more damage your aimed shots will do to the target, making the end of the window more vital than the beginning (hence why you apply vulnerable and then arcane shot as filler.  Or aimed/arcane/aimed/aimed depending on whatever your gear/encounter mechanics allow for).

Your other goal is to, of course, have vulnerable up on the target as much as possible via marked shot or windburst.

You'll also want to cast Trueshot Aura as much as possible (so legendary boots, MM 4pc, the TSA trait/relic, and Convergence of Fate are what to aim for, no pun intended, to cut down TSA's cooldown as much as possible) and try to maximize your output while it's up: so, during bloodlust/heroism, and when the boss dips below 20% due to our stacking buff thinger whose name I can't recall at the moment.  Bullseye?  That sounds right.

You'll want to do the same with Murder of Crows - cast on cooldown or try to line it up with sweet spots in the fight.

Cast windburst on cooldown.

Don't focus cap - even if that means casting an aimed shot without vulnerable up.


Mastery > all

then crit and haste.


Unfortunately, when I follow your link, there's no character there.


Also, 7/10 nighthold fights are aoe (or 6/10 if your guild cheeses Chrono on heroic or lower).  Fortunately, MM aoe is pretty easy and super effective, especially on Mythic+ trash packs.  You can work with the memebuild or normal aoe.  TSA is also vital to this, and you'll want to cast it when you know groups of adds are about to show up to be burst down.  TSA then multishot/marked shot your way to victory, plus or minus whatever extras you may or may not be running with (piercing shot/explosive shot or lock n load procs + trick shot).  And don't forget to make sure you have volley turned on.


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