[Illidan][H] <MAD> (1/10M) 9 hour guild looking for DPS

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<MAD> is a guilded formed by three former top 20 US raiders who could no longer commit to a heavy schedule that comes along with being on the cutting edge. 

We are a semi-casual guide that raids 6-9 CST Tuesday, Thurday, Sunday. 

After being a guild for less than three months we have been able to form a roster that is conhesieve enough to at least get into mythic. With Tomb of Sargeras on the way, we would like to soildify a strong roster so that we can continue to improve on our progress.

We are interested in ANY and ALL players, from any backround, who would like to come raid and fight for their chance at a spot. 

We have special, specific intrest in the following classes and specs:

Balance Druid
Demon Hunter
Any class that has a strong DPS and tanking spec

If you are interested please contact me!


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