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[US-Arthas][H] <Happy Fun Rock> Recruiting! 2/13H 10-man! Looking for Hpal or Rshaman for SoO

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Guild Name: Happy Fun Rock

Faction: Horde

Realm (US/EU): Arthas (US)

Realm Type: PvP

Realm Timezone: Arthas is EST, but most of our raiders are PST, so we raid late according to the in-game clock.

Progression: T14, 16/16N before 5.2, T15, 2/13H before 5.4. Improvement!

Raid Times: 10pm-1am EST, (7pm-10pm PST), Tuesdays and Sundays. May be longer on progression nights.

Raid Schedule: This will be for Normal (and eventually Heroic) progression. This will not be devoted to Flex Raiding. Arthas is a medium-large realm where you can pug (also through openraid) if you wish to partake in Flex Raiding. Myself, Paladôx, will be pugging for flex raiding each week.

Openings: HFR is looking for a dedicated Healer, Holy Paladin or Resto Shaman. You will be complimenting a well geared Raid Leader and Guild Master Mistweaver Monk. We also have a swing Disc Priest who plays Shadow on 2 Heal fights, so plan on Healing, but if you wish to have an offspec, you are more than welcome.

Happy Fun Rock is a guild where we give each other a bad time, and eventually you get used to the ambience. We sport skilled players, and are really limited in our progression (would likely be 5/13H or so) if we had had dedicated guild members.

What you need:

Approximately 11/12 ToT experience (Not fight wise, but proof you can heal 10 people in a raid setting).

Approximately 520ilevel, 515 minimum. There are valor vendors, as well as item upgrades. If you had every Valor piece and 502 lfr gear, you should be there. We're jumping straight into Normal Immerseus, where personal healing ability is necessary. We do not wish to carry. The 608 cape is a big plus, but not a necessity.

But most importantly, beyond skill and gear, we insist on attendance and punctuality. If you are going to be 15 minutes late, let someone know. If you have family business, let us know in advance. We understand real life happens, but make a strong effort.

Holy Paladins and Resto Shamans will have little to no gear competition (outside of Int rings, Trinkets, and tokens of course).

That being said, I hope that you apply and find us to be a good fit. For more information about our guild, check out these sites:




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