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Patch 7.2 - Broken Shore Advancement Update

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Broken Shore buildings grant several variable perks. Initially, we thought Blizzard was replacing them and tried experimenting with bonuses in every 7.2 PTR Build, but instead, they are supposed to change periodically.

We wrote multiple posts about Broken Shore advancement (see Sources below) and based on information gathered from previous articles, we're writing an update on the buildings.

We found out every building has three permanent perks, accessible when a building is unlocked and four variable perks.

At the moment, you need to contribute 100 Legionfall War Supplies for advancement. The contribution reward is Legionfall RecompenseLegionfall Recompense that contains Gold, Nethershards and also Dauntless tokens (maybe there's even more loot associated with it, with a lower drop chance we haven't seen yet). Prices are subject to change before 7.2 goes live.

Mage Tower

When unlocked, you gain the Fel TreasuresFel Treasures perk.

Completing construction of the Mage Tower provides you with access to:

  • Artifact Challenges
    • The Council of Six provide access to a series of unique challenges, allowing worthy heroes to test their might and skill. (You'll be able to unlock the new Artifact appearance when Mage Tower's active).
  • Veiled Wyrmtongue Chests
    • The power of the Mage Tower pulses across the Broken Shore, revealing the lucrative Veiled Wyrmtongue Chests.
  • Portal Network
    • The Kirin Tor provide access to portals which can be used to move quickly around the Broken Isles.

Variable Perks

  • KnowledgeableKnowledgeable - When you loot an item which grants Artifact Power in a Raid or Dungeon, there's a chance you will receive a bonus Artifact Power token.
  • Light As a FeatherLight As a Feather - You are able to waterwalk while mounted.
  • Power OverwhelmingPower Overwhelming - Completing World Quests has a chance to grant an extra Artifact Power token.
  • ReputableReputable - Increase reputation gains with the Armies of Legionfall by 30%.

Command Center

When unlocked, you gain the Forces of the OrderForces of the Order perk.

Completing construction of the Command Center provides you with access to:

  • Cathedral World Quests
    • With command established, efforts can be focused on assaulting the Cathedral of Eternal Night.
  • Legionfall Reinforcements
    • Commanders of Legionfall are provided with additional support throughout the Broken Isles.
  • Challenge Mission
    • Send worthy champions on a challenging but lucrative mission deep into the heart of the Broken Shore.

Variable Perks

  • Heavily AugmentedHeavily Augmented - Completing World Quests has a chance to grant you a Defiled Augment Rune.
  • War EffortWar Effort - Chance when earning Legionfall War Supplies to get bonus Legionfall War Supplies.
  • Well PreparedWell Prepared - Increases all primary stats by 10% while in less challenging areas of the Broken Shore.
  • Worthy ChampionsWorthy Champions - Focus our efforts to provide you with a piece of Legendary Follower Equipment.

Nether Disruptor

When unlocked, you gain the Epic HunterEpic Hunter perk.

Completing construction of the Nether Disruptor provides you with access to:

  • World Bosses
    • The energy from the Nether Disruptor draws the most powerful enemies to the Broken Shore.
  • Unstable Nether Portals
    • The Nether Disruptor's activation causes Unstable Nether Portals to appear across the Broken Shore. Activate them to summon dangerous foes.
  • Armorcrafter Commendations
    • Artisans of the highest level will receive commendations for their efforts, allowing them to craft the most Legendary of items.

Variable Perks

  • Fate Smiles Upon YouFate Smiles Upon You - If you fail your bonus roll on the Broken Isles, there is a chance you will have your Seal of Broken Fate refunded.
  • NetherstormNetherstorm - Chance when earning Nethershards to get bonus Nethershards.
  • Reinforced ReinsReinforced Reins - Allows you to interact with objects while mounted.
  • Seal Your FateSeal Your Fate - Each day the Nether Disruptor is active, you can return to the Broken Shore to complete a quest that grants you a free Seal of Broken Fate.

(Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)

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Mage Tower it is. 

Extra AP, Water walking while mounted, hidden artifact appearances, and legionfall rep (required for flight.) 

Seems like a no-brianer.  (sp intended.)



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