[Cho'gall][H]<NTL>7/7M, 3/3H, 3/10M - LF Ranged DPS

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Nothing To Lose is recruiting exceptional players for Mythic Nighthold and Legion progression.
Raid times are 7-11pm Central Standard Time on Wednesday and Friday night.
We also have optional heroic/normal raids at the same time on Tuesday and Thursday.
We are mainly interested in Ranged DPS, especially Elemental Shaman at the moment. However, we are always willing to try out
talented and experienced raiders. For Mythic content, we expect our raiders to be consistent both in their
attendance and performance. We are a generally laid back and sarcastic crowd, but our 20 spots will be filled by those who:
Show up on time with full consumables, at least 4x flask, 40x food, 60x dps potion.
Know the ins and outs of their class, including clever use of CC and movement abilities. Not just a rotation with no thought.
Know the boss mechanics, and contribute any constructive ideas on progression bosses.
Push their numbers to highest possible given the specialization and encounter. Warcraftlogs is the tool we use, and you should too!
<NTL> has been on Cho'Gall since the Burning Crusade, and we intend to be around through Legion and beyond.
The easiest way to apply is to contact myself directly via PM or in-game mail.
Killamanjar-Cho'Gall // Killamanjaro#1229. You may also contact any officer to set up a trial run.

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