[Draenor][H] <Soul Bond> (5/10 NH hc) Recruiting social, patient, friendly players

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Greetings everyone,

We are a social, constructive, all purpose guild welcoming patient, non-elitist players of all levels. Our aim is to provide a none hardcore environment, covering all aspects of the game. Raiding, PvPing, levelling, old content, general socialising (including several ingame social events) and much more. We welcome ideas from all our members in order to improve the guild in any shape or form we can.

For our raid team we are especially looking for more ranged dps classes to bolster our ranks. We have cleared the Nighthold on normal difficulty and are currently progressing through heroic (5/10).

If you are interested in joining us and making Soul Bond your home, whisper me (Indnile) or Lailuna in game or send an in game mail with your character name or even better your battletag and you will receive a rapid response in due course.

Any questions about the guild, feel free to ask them on this thread, send me a PM or message us directly in game.

Thank you.

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