(Seasonal Softcore) <AF> "Arreat's Fortitude" is recruiting for Season 10

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Hello, Clan <AF> Arreat’s Fortitude was founded near the end of Season 9 with the intention and goal of being not only a helpful clan to new and returning players but also a clan where experienced players can find groups for either competitive Greater Rifts or the more relaxed Nephalem Rift.

We are also a social clan where players can hangout in our Discord Server, where they can chat via text or voice. To join our Discord Server just visit this link:

We also have a website and blog with some useful Diablo 3 calculators.


-: How to Join :-

If you would like to join our clan, all you have to do is search for AF or Arreat’s Fortitude in the Clan search in-game.
Alternatively you can add me to BTAG Azotorp@1368 and send me a message if you have any questions.

Currently there are no special requirements to join and any member has the ability to invite. All we ask is you have some patience for new players and help those who in-turn could help you down the road. We often share loot when it is not needed by our geared members.

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