[Zul'jin][H] <Anthaz> (5/7M 2/3H 10/10H) T/TH 5-8pm PST LFM

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About Us

<Anthaz> - Zul’jin, is a guild stocked with trolls and memers trying to have fun while clearing mythic.  We’ve only been together in the guild since Nighthold, but many of the core raiders have been together since BC to Legion.  We’re only 10/10H for the time being, but come 7.2, our goals will be set high. 

When we’re not raiding, there’s normally a couple people hanging out in discord having a good time or playing some other games like league or overwatch with fellow raiders. 

Raid Times

Tuesday 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM PST

Thursday 5:00 PM – 800 PM PST

 What to Expect from us

We like to have a good time while clearing, but when it comes to progression we will be serious about it and will be focused on killing w/e boss we may be on.  Other than that, we do have a couple master trolls in the guild so when we’re doing simple farm, there’ll be a good amount of high level trolls going on. 

Our end goal is to clear raids on mythic while they’re relevant and will do everything we can to make that come true.

What’s expected of you

Since our goal is to clear raids on mythic, we expect that level of play from you.  Which means, you should be able to take constructive criticism easily, can fix any mistakes right away, and if you’re performing poorly you should be looking to improve.

The usual stuff of coming to raid prepared with food, pots, chants and what not.  Also, knowing the fights ahead of time and not waiting for explanations during raid so on and so forth. 

Current Recruitment needs

Resto Druid


Ele Shaman



WW Monk

Demon Hunter


We also would encourage all skilled players to get in-contact with an officer regardless of recruitment needs.  Any interested players can contact any of our officers via bnet.  Daser: Daser#11666, Jazz: Jazzy#179, Antrus: Antrus#1119, or Monrow: Yakovis#1751

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