[Defias Brotherhood] [H] <The Betrayed> 3/10 M NH LF dps.

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<The Betrayed> is located on Defias Brotherhood, which is also connected with the following servers: Ravenholdt, Sporeggar, Scarshield-Legion, and The Ventured Co. 
We are primarily looking for exceptional DPS whom can bring high attendance and performance to the core team in our Mythic progression.

We're willing to help with transfer costs through wow tokens if the applicant does provide what we are looking for, but is unable to transfer on his/her own. However, before the transfer can happen, we would require you to participate in our heroic farm runs as to get some insight of the social synergy between you and the guild, and raid performance.
This acts as an insurance for both you as an applicant and us, the recipient.


<The Betrayed> is a relatively new guild created upon Legion's launch. We managed to obtain Cutting Edge: Xavius in the previous tier with
2 raiding days per week. This remains to this date as something not many guild can provide.


We've downed 3/10 Mythic bosses, and are currently working on Krosus. Our current issue on Krosus is relatively small lack of dps due to the inconsistency such as exams, holidays etc on attendance of the core. And therefore we're looking for a few strong DPS to expand our roster in clearing Mythic content, in a social and friendly atmosphere.

We will be diving into Tomb of Sargeras with a healthy, stable team whilst maintaining the philosophy and values we currently employ.

Raid days are Wednesday and Sunday 19:30 - 23:30 (Often for a little while longer if we're making progress)

We're primarily looking for:

  • Frost/Arcane Mage
  • Fury Warrior
  • Assasination Rogue
  • Affliction/Demonology Warlock
  • Havoc Demon Hunter
  • Marksman Hunter
  • Holy Priest

Any class will be taken into consideration provided they've got a nice attitude and decent numbers.

About the guild:

We're a social guild with a decent aptitude for raiding, managing to clear high end content while keeping a social atmosphere both in the guild as a whole and in the raid team. Meanwhile we're friends having fun chatting on discord while doing Mythic plus dungeons, battlegrounds or staring at the wall in Dalaran.


We are currently using Loot Council as the looting system for the main raids with the assistance of EPGPlootmaster addon for loot distribution.

What we expect:

  • Good and friendly attitude despite frustration during progression runs.
  • Self awareness & self enlightenment.
  • A raider's mentality; dedication and reliability.
  • Focus during boss encounter.
  • Perform assigned tasks for strategy.
  • Know your class like the back of your palm.
  • Use tools like Simcraft, Warcraftlogs to better yourself.
  • Willingness to put the well being of the raid team above personal gain (Loot, benching etc.)
  • Good attendance and preparations (Flask/Food/Pots/Vantus Runes)

Voice communication:
We have a guild discord server we use for guild based activities and chill :D
If this wall of text has piqued your interest, you are very much welcome to contact every officer online ingame.

Website -

List of battletags:
GM - Sandaris#2809
Officers - Potato#22546, Crow#22717


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      Recruiting for Antorus
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      ***Exceptional applicants can feel free to sign up even if we aren't recruiting your class/spec. Outstanding applications will always be considered.
      We are also accepting players that engage in social aspects of the WoW community such as leveling, PvP, questing, dungeon finding, roleplaying and other challenging activites. We provide monthly guild events. For example, the Tournament of Tiny Champions. It’s a pet battle tournament where guildies compete with each other using 3-6 of their mightiest level 25 tiny champions. We are expanding this extremely fun side of Salvation so that everyone can join in on some action and prizes!
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      How to Join
      Please sign up on our guild website at: Want to reach me in game? On Discord? Questions or concerns? Hit me up at:
      Battletag: Zanngetsu#1255 Discord: Tankstâ2329