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Progress Calculator for Flying in Legion!

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The long awaited ability to fly in the Broken Isles is nearly here, but it can be tough to keep track of exactly what you are required to do in order to complete the achievement! The team over at Mamytwink have put together an excellent calculator that can quickly and efficiently check your character's progress on each portion of the achievement. Take a look!

Flying in the Broken Isles is gated behind a number of smaller achievements, all collected under the umbrella of two meta achievements: 

The requirements themselves aren't the most challenging, but they can certainly take some time and it's easy to lose track of them. The calculator lists your current percentage of completion for every part, as well as ticking off everything you have already completed. With a simple yet clear interface, this will certainly make things easier.


It's also worth noting that every achievement is listed as either being account-wide or not, so you can check exactly what you need to complete on specific characters.

Once you have found out that you will inevitably need to farm reputation with the new faction, Armies of Legionfall, you'll find all the information you need in our guide

Good luck everyone, and happy flying!

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