Armies of Legionfall Reputation Farming Guide (Legion 7.3)

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The Armies of Legionfall is the coalition of orders dedicated to defeating the Legion at the Tomb of Sargeras and the Broken Shore. This faction, added in Patch 7.2, is located on the Broken Shore and aims to secure a foothold on this island before breaching into the Tomb of Sargeras.

With Patch 7.2, Nethershards Nethershards (the currency of the Legion pre-patch) are making a comeback. They are used to purchase various items from the the faction's quartermaster.

Nethershards Nethershards can be earned mostly from Broken Shore world quests, or looted from rare elites and containers on the Broken Shore.


Patch 7.3 Reputation Catch-Up

We found two Bind-to-Account items that help with catching up on reputation with the Broken Isles and Argus factions. Sources remain unknown for now.

  • Nathrezim Tome of Manipulation Icon Nathrezim Tome of Manipulation is a tome that increases reputation gain with factions of the Broken Isles by 200% for 2 hours. The item is intended for alts and cannot be used above level 109. It drops from Vagath the Betrayed in Krokuun (61, 20).
  • Demon's Soulstone Icon Demon's Soulstone is another item that increases reputation with the factions of the Broken Isles and Argus by 1,000. The item can only be used on Argus. It is especially useful for fresh alts that need to catch up on reputation with the Nightfallen. The item has a small chance to drop from Argus rare elites.

Flying in Legion

Legion flying is unlocked when completing the Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two Icon Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two meta achievement, which in turns requires 3 achievements, including Legionfall Commander Icon Legionfall Commander, an achievement that requires you to reach revered with the Armies of Legionfall.


Demon Assaults

After completing an introductory scenario (see our YouTube video on the subject), the Broken Isles will periodically be under assault and standard World Quests will be replaced with Invasion World Quests. These quests, in addition to the standard World Quests rewards, also give Nethershards Nethershards. Completing four Invasion World Quests unlocks a Demon Assault, a 3-player scenario to repel the Legion's forces from a specific zone (Azsuna, Highmountain, Stormheim, or Val'sharah).

Demon Assaults are up for 6 hours and rotate on a fixed schedule, such that it takes 3 days for the cycle of 4 Demon Assaults to complete. If there are only a few minutes left on the timer and you queue for the scenario, you can still complete it, but you will not be able to turn in the final quest and get credit, because the NPC disappears.

Mobs inside Demon Assaults drop Nethershards Nethershards and Dauntless tokens.

Demon Assaults can be completed while leveling and are a great source of experience.


Demon Assault Scenarios

In this section, we are going to list the video previews we made of each of the Demon Assault Scenarios.


Battle for Aszuna


Battle for Highmountain


Battle for Stormheim


Battle for Val'sharah


Quests & Reputation Advancement

Do not forget to ride the carousel for the WHEE! Icon WHEE! buff when the Darkmoon Faire is up.


Reputation Paragon

For every 10,000 reputation beyond Exalted, you will receive a Legionfall Chest Icon Legionfall Chest that has a chance to contain the Orphaned Felbat Icon Orphaned Felbat pet and Unity of the Orders Icon Unity of the Orders (Artifact Power Token).



Warmage Kath'leen is the Armies of Legionfall's Quartermaster. Most of the items she sells cost Nethershards Nethershards and require a certain reputation level.

Item Reputation Cost
Cauterizing Void Shard Icon Cauterizing Void Shard Honored 5,000x Nethershards
Legionfall Banner Icon Legionfall Banner Honored 4,000x Nethershards
Legion Pocket Portal Icon Legion Pocket Portal Revered 7,500x Nethershards
Repurposed Fel Focuser Icon Repurposed Fel Focuser Revered 7,500x Nethershards
Legion Invasion Simulator Icon Legion Invasion Simulator Exalted 25,000x Nethershards
Legionfall Tabard Icon Legionfall Tabard Exalted 10,000x Nethershards

Other Items

The items listed in the following subsections are sold by Warmage Kath'leen with no reputation requirement.


Dauntless Items

Warmage Kath'leen sells Dauntless tokens for 400 Nethershards Nethershards. There is a token for each slot and using a token creates an item appropriate for your loot specialization with an item level of 850 (it has a chance to drop as Warforged / Titanforged). The system is very similar to what was found on Timeless Isle and in Tanaan Jungle.


Glyph Patterns

Technique: Glyph of Wrathguard Icon Technique: Glyph of Wrathguard is sold for 500 Nethershards Nethershards.


Class Weapon Arsenals

Death Knights and Paladins can purchase a class-specific Weapon Arsenal for 1,000 Nethershards Nethershards. A Weapon Arsenal contains a set of unique weapons that can be used for transmog. Note that the Death Knight weapons you get depend on your specialization.


Nethershard Essences

Nethershard Essence Icon Nethershard Essence is an item required to craft Patch 7.2 Legendary Items. It costs 8,000 Nethershards Nethershards.


Follower Catch-up Tokens

In Patch 7.3, you can purchase Grimoire of Lost Knowledge Icon Grimoire of Lost Knowledge for 2,500 Nethershards. The item will add 6,000 XP to a Champion of your choice.

Relinquished Armor Set Icon Relinquished Armor Set costs 400 Nethershards and sets a Champion's item level to 880.


New Follower

Completing the Champions of Legionfall Icon Champions of Legionfall achievement (as part of the Legionfall campaign) will grant you a new follower (depending on your class). As of Patch 7.2, the follower cap is 6, meaning that you can use your new follower without deactivating another one.

Class New Follower
Death Knight Minnerva Ravensorrow
Demon Hunter Lady S'theno
Druid Thisalee Crow
Hunter Nighthuntress Syrenne
Monk Brewer Almai
Priest Aelthalyste
Shaman Magatha Grimtotem
Warlock Kanrethad Ebonlocke


  • 08 Sep. 2017: Added sources of reputation catch-up items.
  • 30 Aug. 2017: Updated the guide with reputation paragon and new 7.3 items.
  • 14 Apr. 2017: Added missions and Kirin Tor World Quests to the reputation gains. Added more information about Excavator Karla.
  • 11 Apr. 2017: A number of improvements to reputation gains and Demon Assaults.
  • 06 Apr. 2017: Fixed Flying requirements following hotfix and added schedule note about Demon Assaults.
  • 27 Mar. 2017: Guide added.
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