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<FnB> is a guild on Stormreaver that has a wide variety of players from various levels of raiding experience from server firsts to casual and is currently in open recruitment to fill raid positions, and form additional mythic+ groups.

We are a friendly, mature group of players who are active in weekly raids and mythic+ dungeon guild runs and are finishing Heroic NH AOTC. We have previously cleared H EN and H ToV AOTC and are looking to build a roster to push Mythic content. All classes / specs will be considered but priority for Heal or ranged DPS.

Will assist new or experienced players throughout content if they are willing to learn and have fun.

Current Raid Progress:
EN: 7/7 H (AOTC)
ToV: 3/3 H (AOTC)
NH: 9/10 H

Recruitment Needs:

Tank - Med
Healers - High
mDPS - Med
rDPS - High

Current Raid Schedule:

Sunday: 8PM CST - 11PM CST
Tuesday: 830PM CST- 11PM CST

Contacts: PaulyB#1198, BoneZone#1638, GraveDigger#11179

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Hey @Sistersallys,

I updated your title to follow the rules. If you want the title to read something different, let me know and I will change it to reflect both your wish and the rules.

Best regards,

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