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Manti Sentry/Cluster & Yang Multi/Fire Build Help

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Hey guys and, I'm new here to the D3 scene, and have been playing a few days now.

I'm currently paragon 631, and have accumulated most of, if not all of the items for both of the aforementioned builds (with reference to Deadset's guides).

I'm using the Endless Walk (Traveler's Pledge/Compass) & CoE Ring for both builds vs the recommended Hellfire/BoW (Focus/Restraint), and do significantly more damage across the board with my current setup. Without it, I lose roughly 30% of my overall damage, and half of my Crit Hit Damage on both builds, and retain roughly the same overall crit for both. I would love to use my Hellfire Ammys, but it seems I sacrifice so much for a mere extra passive.

Below are my current stats using the Endless Walk & CoE build vs the Hellfire/BoW build.

*For what it's worth, I'm also currently struggling to break a 70 GR solo with the strongest of my two builds being the Sentry/Cluster w/ nearly all Ancient items.*

Yang's Build Stats (Ambush/Thrill/Cull/Ballistics):

925K Overall damage / 690K

44.5% Crit / 51.5%

461% Crit Hit damage / 279%

Manti Build Stats (Grenadier/Cull/Custom/Steady):

1.04M Overall damage / 789K

44.5% Crit / 51%

459% Crit Hit damage / 274%

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Thread can be closed. Problem solved. Found the necessary items for said build. Works marvelously.t't

Edit: Still can't solo a GR 70 though. Seemingly impossible even with the proper build and gear...

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For anyone revisiting this thread - Manticore Grenade build is incredibly dependent on your playstyle. It's very difficult to get used to and you need to practise it thoroughly to push higher than 75-80. It's mainly to do with your positioning, as well as grouping mobs efficiently for your turret grenade burst. 

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    • By HerrDave
      Some backstory - I started as a protection warrior so I could pull a load of mobs and AoE them into a puddle over time without being liquefied myself.
      I went like this from 1-100 without a hitch. Switched to Arms because of my fascination with Blademasters and Blackhand and I was promptly curb-stomped into oblivion.

      From what I've experienced, Arms has incredibly bursty unpredictable damage which can either annihilate a target or grant you no procs whatsoever making for long gaps in the fight during which you will do negligible damage.

      The only self-healing abilities you have are:
      Second Wind - Restores 6% of your maximum health ever 1 second after 5 seconds without taking damage.
      Victory Rush - Heals you for 30% of your maximum health, only useable after killing an enemy.
      Touch of Zakajz - 3%-6%-9% of mortal strike's damage is returned to you as health.

      If during a fight a monster starts out DPSing you, the fight is already over and you are graced with the choice of fleeing or dying because your defensive cooldowns aren't the best thing in the world.
      This becomes very evident when attempting to solo rares or even packs of mobs larger than three at 110.

      There are two builds for Arms circling the web.
      In short these are their gimmicks.
      Focused Rage
      -Excellent burst damage
      -Great for sniping stragglers in PvP
      -Very clunky use of Focused Rage
      -Only shines in Colossus Smash windows
      -Very Poor AoE, cooldown based
      Mortal Combo
      -More rage to use without FR
      -Consistent damage
      -Some freedom with talents
      -Stale rotation (You don't build towards something)
      -Sub-par AoE
      -Poor burst damage

      I had an astonishingly hard time as an Arms warrior, even fighting two enemies at a time I would come very close to dying.
      My damage was GREAT but only during the windows provided by battle cry/avatar combo.
      My survivability sucked, my damage sucked, my AoE sucked, and I ended going back to Protection to progress.

      I REALLY want to like Arms, but it just falls on its face every time I try to use it.

      I call to you Arms warriors, you brave few - what is the trick to the specialization?
      What is the purpose / focus of the spec?
    • By Sarvoth
      Hi guys,
      I need some help. I am mostly a duo player, play with my fiance (she is a DH) and just recently got back into Diablo 3 a little over a month ago. This is her first and so far, only game she has been willing to play, so we have been playing it nightly.
      I left before right after Paragon levels were introduced, got to about 250 and stopped playing. Now that I am back, I had a lot to catch up on. Fast forward and here I am, a Crusader, trying to reach GR70 completion.
      I have 3 sets nearly completed, but the one that is most complete is Deadset's Hammerdin build. I made a few replies on that thread, but it hasn't been approved, and since the last replies were from late Feb, I don't know if anyone is moderating or helping out on those anymore :(
      My problem is, I hear this build can exceed into GR90s, or even much higher than I am now, but I can't seem to stay alive. The farthest I could push without extreme frustration (can't even past first blue pack at entrance to GR, with all CDs active) is level 64 GR.
      Here is my current build:  https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sarvoth-1975/hero/85281633
      Here it is on Diablo 3 planner: http://www.d3planner.com/357572815
      What I need help with, is what I need to do to improve. Is it just that my item rolls suck? Do I need to get higher paragon (over 500 now)? Do I need to fill out in full ancients? What do I need to survive up to at least GR 70 so I can start the possibility of the primal ancient drops on my account.
      The build feels squishy. I tactically use all my abilities when my HP drops. I have a potion of the bottomless to help me as well, changed my gems to all Diamonds to a mix of Ruby and Diamonds, tried re-rolling my stats as close to perfect as possible according to Deadset's guide. I feel like I am missing something, or doing something really wrong here. My indestructible will always be on CD. I can't do a level 55 GR without dying at least once.
      EDIT: I know a big weakness right now is my two rings and amulet did not come with sockets, so all the enchants on those had to go to getting a socket for my legendary gems. I just haven't gotten any that could replace them yet.
      I am not the greatest  at this, and so any help would be much appreciated. 
    • By denial
      Hi all,
      i started again since WOTLK to play again my shaman , i leveled up as an elemental since i was always played elemental in the past.
      I tested the enchanement a bit , and i like him BUT i dont have in mind to raid except LFR ofc and some heroic dungeons and of course WQ's and grind.
      So i am thinking which spec has better survivability i cannot decide , some times ele doing better some times enha going faster vice versa :/
      I know that as a casual player now i have to play what is more fun for me BUT with the artifact AP to the weapons ( i have both to lvl 13 but now the AP is going bigger) its not so easy so i have to decide at least which spec to level up the weapon first so an opinion could help me decide.
      All i need is fast grind,good dps in dungeons and easy playing with good survivability .
      Thank you all for your replies :)
    • By Matster
      Just thought I would ask the group, Does it seem like arms kind of got screwed a bit with no Health CD besides the raid wide Commanding Shout?  I'm finding that I have to carry some health pots for Oh Shit moments during the raid when enraged regen used to help keep me up at other times.  Trying to get a hit off on the boss after getting a victory rush kind of sucks.
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