Starting again in legion , enha or ele ?

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Hi all,

i started again since WOTLK to play again my shaman , i leveled up as an elemental since i was always played elemental in the past.

I tested the enchanement a bit , and i like him BUT i dont have in mind to raid except LFR ofc and some heroic dungeons and of course WQ's and grind.

So i am thinking which spec has better survivability i cannot decide , some times ele doing better some times enha going faster vice versa :/

I know that as a casual player now i have to play what is more fun for me BUT with the artifact AP to the weapons ( i have both to lvl 13 but now the AP is going bigger) its not so easy so i have to decide at least which spec to level up the weapon first so an opinion could help me decide.

All i need is fast grind,good dps in dungeons and easy playing with good survivability .

Thank you all for your replies :)


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I would go Elemental Shaman, here's why: 

1. 7.1.5 recently has buffed the Elemental Shaman making us really good at single target and cleave now.

2. We have really good AoE especially with the Stormkeeper Ability. That means we are good for Mythic+ dungeons.

3.  We have  a lot of utility to help dungeons/raid with abilities like: Healing Surge, Thunderstorm, Cleanse Sprirt, etc.

4.  The rotation is more fun and more flexible then enhancement because we can have different builds like Icefury, Ascendance and Lightning Rod.

5. Our golden traits are way more useful then Enhancement.

6. We have REALLY REALLY Good burst, it's really insane.

7. Elemental shamans are easy to gear because lack of mail users which is nice. 

8. Overall Elemental Shaman is a more complex, flexible, fun and useful damage dealing shaman then enhancement.

The only disadvantages we have is we deal with movement poorly and our survivability is mediocre but we are ranged and we can use Frost Shock to slow targets so it's not too much of a big deal. 

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Enhancement is a lot better for grinding out in the world. Both of the specs are kind of squishy, but being able to do full damage while moving is very useful. Both of the specs are OK when it comes to end-game content but a little under-tuned at the moment.

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