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[Sargeras][A][Illidan][H]<Currently Online>(6/9M)Recruiting!

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<Currently Online> US - Sargeras - Alliance and US - Illidan - Horde - Is recruiting raiders for all difficulties, and social/casual players of all levels!


About Us:

<Currently Online> Founded 2014 by a core group that has been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla. Currently Online has since evolved to far more than a guild; we are a full scale gaming community with our roots in World of Warcraft. 


What We Offer: 

The largest and most active World of Warcraft community in the world, with over 9,000 members across 9 guilds (6 Alliance, 3 Horde), we offer a huge slate of activities to our players, both in WoW and out...


  • 7/7 M EN, 2/3 M ToV, 7/10 M NH, and 6/9 M ToS Progression
  • 12 Raid Teams - ranging from Casual to Mythic Progression

See the teams and their needs on our website: http://currentlyonline.gg/raiding


  • 4 RBG Teams
  • Countless members always looking for BGs and arenas!

Learn more about our PvP offerings on our website: http://currentlyonline.gg/rbgs

For Socials:

  • Always active guild chat - 6 guilds linked with the add-on Greenwall on Alliance, and 3 on Horde.
  • In-game activities and competitions: XMog Contests, PvP Events, Mythic+ Spams, Achievement Runs, Alt Raids, Yolo BGs, and more!
  • Bi-Weekly In-Game Lottery!
  • New Member Orientations! Come make some new friends!
  • Room for advancement as an officer.

Out of WoW:

  • Private Gaming Servers such as Minecraft & 7DaysToDie
  • Destiny 2 Clan
  • Steam Group
  • FFXIV Company
  • Rust Clan
  • Always active Discord w/ thousands of users
  • Drinking Nights
  • Monthly Giveaways


To Join:

If you find yourself on Sargeras Alliance or Illidan Horde, simply "/who Currently Online" and ask for an invite! If you're not on one of our realms yet, let us know on our website and we'll keep your seat warm!



Contact Us: 

You can contact us by Btag, or email as listed below.

Add one of the following officers to your Btag:




Email us at:

[email protected]

[email protected]


We hope to see everyone in game!CO_NEW.thumb.png.f64b426b2924720a9daa94e5caa4cfd3.png


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      GREAT_VAULT_REWARDS_WORLD_INCOMPLETE - Complete %1$d more |4delve:delves; or |4world activity:world activities; this week to unlock a Great Vault reward. World activities count as Tier 0.|n|nThe item level of your reward will be based on your highest run this week.1 GREAT_VAULT_REWARDS_WORLD_COMPLETED_FIRST - Complete %1$d more |4delve:delves; or |4world activity:world activities; this week to unlock a second Great Vault reward. World activities count as Tier 0.1 GREAT_VAULT_REWARDS_WORLD_COMPLETED_SECOND - Complete %1$d more |4delve:delves; or |4world activity:world activities; this week to unlock a third Great Vault reward. World activities count as Tier 0.1 WEEKLY_REWARDS_THRESHOLD_WORLD - Complete %d |4Delve:Delves; or |4World Activity:World Activities; GREAT_VAULT_WORLD_TIER - Tier %s WEEKLY_REWARDS_ITEM_LEVEL_WORLD - Item Level %1$d - (Tier %2$d) WEEKLY_REWARDS_COMPLETE_WORLD - Complete a Tier %1$d delve or higher to increase this reward's item level. New World Category
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      Defeat 2/4/6 raid bosses to unlock slots 1-3. Dungeons
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      Complete 3/6/12 Delves or world activities to unlock slots 1-3.
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      Delver's Determination is a buff you receive when you die too much in delves. It increases your damage, healing, and health by 5%, stacking. Every delve ends with a boss fight. If you’re finding the final boss too challenging, don’t worry. You’ll gain a stack of Delver's Determination every time the boss defeats you, giving you a better chance to succeed on your next try.

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      Interested in the latest Paladin changes from the War Within Alpha? We've got you covered!
      Light of the Titans- Word of Glory heals for an additional 20% [ 131.2% of Attack Power ] over 15 sec. Increased by 50% 100% if cast on yourself while you are afflicted by a harmful damage over time effect. Bulwark of Order- Avenger's Shield also shields you for 8 sec, absorbing 30% 50% as much damage as it dealt, up to 30% 50% of your maximum health. Radiant Glory- Wake of Ashes activates grants you Avenging Wrath for 10 sec. Your other damaging abilities have Each Holy Power spent has a chance to activate grant you Avenging Wrath for 5 sec. Valiance- Consuming Shining Light or Infusion of Light extends the duration of any active armaments by 3.0 sec, or reduces the cooldown by 3.0 sec if none exist reduces the cooldown of Holy Armaments by 3.0 sec. Crusader's Resolve- Enemies hit by Avenger's Shield deal 2% 10% reduced melee damage to you for 10 sec. Multiple applications may overlap, up to a maximum of 3. Avenger's Shield- Normal: Hurls your shield at an enemy target, dealing [ 66.31% of Attack Power ] Holy damage, interrupting and silencing the non-Player target for 3 sec, and then jumping to 2 additional nearby enemies. Bulwark of Order : Hurls your shield at an enemy target, dealing [ 66.31% of Attack Power ] Holy damage, interrupting and silencing the non-Player target for 3 sec, and then jumping to 2 additional nearby enemies. Shields you for 8 sec, absorbing 30% 50% as much damage as it dealt. Sanctuary- While in your Consecration, your damage taken is reduced by an additional 5%.  Consecration's benefits persist for 4 seconds after you leave it. Solidarity- If an ally picks up an Armament, you also gain its benefits. If you pick up an Aramement, a narby ally also gains its benefits. If you bestow an Armament upon an ally, you also gain its benefits. If you bestow an Armanent upon yourself, a nearby ally also gains its benefits.  Strength in Adversity- For each target hit by Avenger's Shield, gain 2% 5% parry for 15 sec. Bastion of Light- Your next 3 5 casts of Judgment generate 2 additional Shield of the Righteous or Word of Glory cost no Holy Power.
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