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Hello! My name is Dilly and I am the guild leader of "Somewhat Serious"! Previously on Cenarius, we recently moved over to Sargeras for a fresh start with some raiders still on Cenarius. We are 8/8 Heroic EN, 10/10 Normal NH, and 3/10 Heroic NH and are looking for more dedicated raiders and casuals to join in on the fun. Our guild is all adults and since we can't control our raunchiness during raids and guild chat, we advise you to be 18+! As a guild we run raids, dungeons, push mythics, PvP, and even play other Blizzard games.

Raid time are 7:00-10:00 pm server time (5:00-8:00 PST)

Addons required: DBM and recount

Voice used: Discord

Who to contact: Dilly#1241, Hauntie#1908, and/or Andros#1110

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon :) 

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