[Ravencrest][A] <Epiunion> (10/10 HC) LF ranged dps for ToS

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Epiunion is looking for solid ranged dps that can strengthen our Mythic Raiding team going into The Tomb of Sargaras.
We are a guild that raids two times per week: Sunday 18:00-21:00 and Thursday 19:45-23:00 Servertime.
All of our raiders are required to come prepared, have a mature level of discipline but ultimately, respect for your team mates.  

Currently we have spots available for the following classes (but, exceptional applications will always be considered irrespective) :

Ranged: -Shadow priest(s)
    -Balance druid

What do we expect of you?
    - Dedication, we want to see that you are dedicated to the Guild and to progression. That means going the extra mile outside of the raids like doing research and being active in your Class Discord channels etc.
    - Come Prepared, we want all our raiders to come to the raid prepared. By that, we don't just mean consumables but also researching the tactics beforehand from your Class POV.

What can you expect of us?
    - A fun raid environment.
    - Solid progression with the time that whe have.
    - Feedback and log review to help you improve. We have always had the mentality to take in the player and not the gear.
    - If we see the potential for growth and improvement we will go the extra mile for you, and help you get the best out of yourself and your class/spec.

The trial raids will be on Tuesday at 19:45 till 23:00 servertime during our social/alt raid.

To apply visit http://epiunion.wowalliances.com/

For more information feel free to contact a officer on Battle.net:

Orenji-Ranged Officer(Kurama#2821)
Icklepickle-Guildmasters Bosslady(Icklepickle#2500)

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