[Mal'Ganis][H]<Show Me Ur Crits> 7/10 H ((T/W/Th 7:00-9:00pm EST))

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<Show Me Ur Crits> Is looking to fill our raid group with ranged DPS. We are currently 7/10 H NH and are gearing up for Tomb of Sargeras. Our team is full of veteran players and we are rebuilding after having some of our members take a break. We are willing to gear people as long as they show up for raid nights. We offer cauldrons, repairs, and banquets during our raids. We have a diverse group of players that are looking to not only raid but also to PvP and even a few achievement and mount hunters in our ranks. 

If any of this interests you then please fill here to contact me on this forum or whisper any of our members online. Even contact me directly through Battle.Net with, LordTelrec#1920. See ya in-game!

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