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[Cenarion Circle][A]<DisturbedOnes> (6/10H) recruiting

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About Us: <DisturbedOnes> is a casual to semi-hardcore raiding guild. DisturbedOnes was founded in 2005, and is currently still pushing current progression. Players in guild have been around for a long time and choose to play at their own pace. Some of us enjoy PVP, Mythic +, Heroic Raid Progression, World Questing, Professions/Alt Leveling, ETC. We are looking for anyone that is looking for a home and to help enrich our community. The majority of the guild is over 30 yrs old, but still kids at heart. We progress raid 1 night a week with a fellow Cenarion Circle Guild <The Silver Hammer>  and enjoy making serious progress (Currently we are 6/10H). We had a few core raiders that had to take a step back from raiding due to RL commitments so we are looking to bring some new people along. mainly DPS.

Know your class - this means simply just knowing your class rotations/talents/gear stat values using guides from various sources like icy-veins.
Be able to communicate reliably and consistently when needed
Have a stable internet connection
Be willing to research boss strats before the raid starts
Actually WANT to raid. If you're not having fun, don't bring other people down and just take a break
Progression: 7/7 Heroic EN with AOTC, 3/3N Normal ToV, 10/10N NH, 6/10 H NH
Raid Schedule
Wednesday Mythic +/Mythic Challenges like nightbane Kara run 6PM-8PM PST
Thursday Alt/Farm Raid Runs 6PM-8:30 to 9PM PST
Saturday Progess Raiding Heroic Nighthold 5PM-9PM PST
Attendance Policy: We realize that RL happens, we encourage regular attendance as it means faster progression.
How to apply: Contact one of us in-game at the contact info below. 
Loot System: Personal Loot
Voice: Ventrilo, and discord
Currently recruiting:
Any quality DPS would really enjoy having





If your class isn't listed here but you're still interested, feel free to apply, or contact one of us. 
Contact Information:
Recruitment Officer: Naturall (Naturall#11393)


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