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Self-Advertisement Rules

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With a site as large as Icy Veins, our forums might seem like the best place to advertise your latest piece of work in order to generate some more attention for it. We're absolutely fine with our users advertising themselves here, especially if they have some quality content to show off; however, there are some rules that need to be followed if you are promoting your content.

  1. The number of self-promotion posts must contribute 10% or less of your total post number. 
    • This was introduced to stop people simply spamming their videos in a thread and never contributing to the forums in any other way. 
  2. You must put some kind of warning on the video if it features some form of content that might not be appropriate for the age groups that will be playing Blizzard games.
    • This is fairly self explanatory - if the video features swearing but the content is still necessary for users to see, then please post a warning for users.
  3. The video must contribute to the forum discussion and should be posted in the correct forum.
    • Post your video in the respective game forum that applies best to your game.
    • If your video is not of a Blizzard game, post it in the Off-Topic forum.
  4. Your video must not feature any form of content that violates our general posting rules.

If you have any questions, you can always ask in this thread or by messaging one of us.

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