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General forum and posting rules

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These rules apply to all the Icy Veins forum sections and sub-sections. We are trying to be kind by keeping them brief, so please be kind in return by doing your best to respect them.

The purpose of these forums is to offer a place to discuss any of the content found on www.icy-veins.com as well as any other content within World of Warcraft. The posting language on these forums is English.

Failure to respect any of these rules can result in a sanction. For more details, check the warnings, sanctions and bans thread.

1. Ensure that your post is meaningful

Whenever you are creating a thread or posting a reply anywhere, please make sure that your post has some value to it, and it is not there simply to increase your post count or for no reason at all.

  • If you are asking for help, then include sufficient information for others to be able to understand your question (read the stickies in the section you are posting in to see what kind of information is required).
  • If you are responding to someone's request for help, make sure that you have understood the question and that the advice you are offering is coherent.
  • If you are opening up a topic for discussion, only do so if you feel (after at least some consideration) that there is the potential for a normal conversation. For example, topics in the vein of "Warriors have been nerfed too much. I have quit the game because of this" is a meaningless thread which will, in all likelihood, only lead to equally meaningless replies.
  • If you are posting in a discussion thread, try to make sure you are adding something to the conversation. State your opinion, support it with arguments or rally yourself to someone else's opinion. Simply posting "I like cake" or "lol!" in a thread discussing which of the Mists of Pandaria zones people prefer is not adding anything.

2. Avoid trolling, spamming or profanity

You should always be polite and generally well-mannered when posting anything. Doing so contributes to having a clean and healthy forum. More specifically:

  • Do not create threads or post replies the sole reason of which is to anger or taunt people. Threads like "Why are you still giving your money to Blizzard when their product is so weak" are not tolerated.
  • Do not post the same post or the same message repeatedly, especially if this message has no real value. Do not post only to increase your post count or forum rank.
  • Do not insult other players or groups of players and do not be rude towards anyone. Even an insult directed at someone who is not part of the conversation is disallowed (such as a racist comment or other derogatory remark at the expense of a third party).
  • Do not use vulgar language. This includes swearing or the explicit description of sexual acts (even if it is done in non-vulgar terms). Masking part of your text with asterisks does not count.

3. Posting images, videos or external links

In principle, you are free to post images or videos as well as post links to other websites or forums. When doing so, however, make sure to keep in mind the rules listed here, and do not post any images or videos that contain graphic content that is unsuitable for children or simply unsavory.

Moreover, do not post links to malicious websites (phishing, for example).

If you wish to advertise your website or event on the forums, please contact Damien or Vlad first, through private messaging.

4. Avoid innately controversial topics

Do not start topics on the following subjects, or attempt to derail any existing topics in these directions. Even if your intention is to have a civilised conversation, we still ask you not to engage in it anywhere outside of the Off-Topic section.

  • Religious debates. Everyone is free to practice what ever religion they desire, or no religion at all, and it is not the business of anyone else. Remarks that are meant to taunt other people into responding on this topic (such as "only idiots belong to X religion") in the middle of an otherwise unrelated post constitute trolling and are also in violation of this rule.
  • Political debates. Any discussion about politics, whether related to a single country or an international conflict should not be discussed.
  • Immoral or illegal activities. Things such as the legalisation of drugs or prostitution, the practicing of various sexual activities the committing of crimes should not be discussed.

5. Private messaging

When interacting with other users through private messaging, you can discuss any topic you wish and the vast majority of the above rules do not apply. There are, however, a few rules you should still respect, namely those related to profanity. The rest of the offenses, such as spamming or trolling can be prevented by using the ignore feature.

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