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First of all, thanks for taking the time to read this. Cruelty was founded in April of 2017 by a core of modern gamers with a focus on progressive raiding and a constant desire to improve. We will endeavor to reach every tier’s end content regardless of the difficulty. With this focus in mind, we expect everyone becoming a part of this foundation to join in and help us build a community that shares the same mindset.

Our raids are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thurs 8-11pm Server.
Current progression is 7/9 heroic but as we are rebuilding, we are still bringing the group up. Our focus now is building and prepping for Mythic Tomb content as quick as we can.

We are currently in need of solid RDPS (Mage/Boomie) and will consider anyone willing to place in the effort regardless of exp and gear as we are recruiting the person not the toon.

Everything can be seen on our website as well as a application point.

If you have any further questions please contact me or another officer at our tags at Lukems#1126 or Fenriz#1641

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