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[Proudmoore] [A] <Resilience> (10/10H NH) Recruiting DPS for Mythic Progression!

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Resilience (Proudmoore-Alliance) is looking for raiders for immediate core spots to begin a mythic progression push, and to continue into Tomb of Sargeras, and beyond! All open raid slots are for CORE positions, and you should expect significant raid time, with little to no bench time. Our ultimate goal is to build a core team that is proficient and professional, while maintaining a casual raiding atmosphere. 

About Us
Resilience was formed by former members of bleeding edge guilds (some of our raiders having experience on the World First/US top ranking progression scene.) As real life commitments expanded, our ability to raid on the intense schedule that came with the territory diminished. Our goal was to form a guild where progression was a key goal, while maintaining a schedule that was manageable with our real life commitments. After a number of roster issues, our recruitment has opened for many DPS positions to make the push into Mythic and to get a running start when Tomb finally opens. Our ultimate goal is to push progression as far as possible, while maintaining a casual schedule.

Raid Schedule/Loot distribution
Our current raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10PM EST (7PM Server) to 1230PM EST (1030PM Server).

Loot is distributed via loot council.

What We Offer

Resilience offers a knowledgeable officer core; as most of our officers have not only played at the top of the game, but also played several classes and roles at the highest levels of competition. 

As Resilience was formed by mostly RL friends, and long time raid group members; we arent going anywhere anytime soon. The guild will be around going forward as long as the game breathes life. We pride ourselves on being a community of players that cultivate a long term commitment to the guild as well as its members. 

Resilience is welcoming to the seasoned, experienced player as well as the player just breaking into the game. Many of our players are avid theorycrafters, and always welcome to giving tips and advice to all levels of play and playstyles. 

What We're Looking For
Resilience is seeking dedicated and motivated raiders of all backgrounds, with the ultimate goal of pushing mythic content. We want raiders who plan on being around for the long term, who have as much dedication to the guild as we have for its members. While we are open to raiders of all experience levels, we're looking for the raider that is knowledgeable, yet open to suggestion and adaptable. 

Recruitment Needs

Mage - Arcane / Frost High
Hunter - Beast Mastery / Marksmanship High
Shaman - Elemental Med
Priest - Shadow Med
Druid - Balance Low
Warlock - Affliction / Destruction Low

Paladin - Retribution Med
Rogue - All Specs Med
Druid - Feral Low
Demon Hunter - Havoc Low
Warrior - Fury / Arms Med
Shaman - Enhancement Low
Death Knight - Frost / Unholy Med
Monk - Windwalker Low

*Note- Specs with a strong healing offspec are highly encouraged. Additionally, we are open to negotiations for guild mergers, and will be considered on a case by case basis.

Contact Us
Feel free to contact me in game for any further questions or to express interest, as immediate trials are ongoing.


Fleas (Officer) - Nevermore#1211

Tibbys (Officer) - Tibbys#1200

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Still looking for exceptional DPS for immediate core positions. Current progression 10/10H NH. Just need the numbers to begin mythic progression, and push into ToS!

Contact Nevermore#1211 for any questions/information.

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4 positions open for exceptional ranged dps, preferably Hunter/Mage/Ele Sham. 


Contact Nevermore#1211 or Tibbys#1200 for further details and/or questions.

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Good morning folks! ToS progression begins on the 20th of June! Still seeking 2-3 more ranged dps and 1 Holy/Discipline Priest for a solid push into mythic! 


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12 days until ToS! Come fill our final raid slots! See above for our current needs, and as always, exceptional players are always welcome! 

Contact Nevermore#1211

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