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[Stormrage][Alliance] <Arcbound> (1/10 M NH) Looking for dps

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As a guild we made quick work of Heroic NH despite relatively limited experience for most of our guildies. However, moving into mythic we are struggling to keep a consistent and reliable raid team for progression. We are primarily looking for monk, hunter, and rogue dps to fill out those holes however, we will be happy to trial you if you are not one of those classes. If you are interested, we accept basically all walks of life, seasoned veterans, heroic puggers, or rookies looking to get into it, everyone will be evaluated the same way.

A little about us, we are a relatively young guild, only around four months old, but have a strong close-knit environment. Our regular weekend runs of heroic NH are all-inclusive, if you're in the guild and want to come, you're coming, and we have a steady flow of people wanting to do Mythic+ content, meaning every week you can easily get that +10 down. Besides PVE, we also have silly events like hide and seek which have been a real hit. We're a relaxed group of people overall, and so far we've kept a strong core of capable and respectful players.


Raid Times:

Wed/Thurs 8-10:30 EST

Flexible Weekend Raid

Contact Info:


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