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[Fizzcrank/Aggramar] [H] <Rum Runners> (9/9H) Fri/Sat 7-9:30, T/Th 9-11:30 Eastern, recruiting healers and DPS for Antorus!

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About Us

<Rum Runners> is a Horde social semi-casual guild on Aggramar/Fizzcrank [PVE] US. Our demographic largely includes college age players and working adults; we are flexible and understanding about real life issues and focus on clearing heroic content each tier at a comfortable, relaxing pace. Our players enjoy spending time together in Discord even when not playing World of Warcraft; our text channels are generally active during the day while players are at work waiting to escape back to the comfort of Azeroth.

What We Offer
- Active Discord community (including during off-hours)
- Guild events with prizes (scavenger hunts, transmog competitions, cooking competitions and more)
- Organized support system for improving gameplay
- Guild M+, transmog and achievement runs
- Enchants, gems, flasks and potions for raid mains; feasts and repairs for progression nights
- New website, www.rumrunners.club
- A growing Destiny 2 Clan

What We Want
- Players looking to be part of a growing community, whether to raid, level or dungeon
- Players with a positive attitude who are respectful toward others
- Players who may not have the time or drive for mythic raiding, but still want to succeed each tier

- Two raid teams 
Blackflag – Fri/Sat 7-9:30p Eastern
Dauntless – Tues/Thurs 9-11:30p Eastern

- Blackflag – Searching for DPS applicants.
- Dauntless – Searching for healers, a DPS with a solid healing offspec, and recruiting for all other DPS specs.
- Always accepting social/non-raiding applicants

How to Join
To join the guild please read our charter and fill out an application
here. For more information, contact Stormlight-Fizzcrank in game or at Battle.net tag Poros#1412, or on Discord, Lisa/Stormlight#0819 for a more immediate response.

A two-week trial process is required to verify the new member fits in with our community.

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