Patch 7.2.5 - Build 24163: New Legendary Items

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The errors made are hilarious though... "Pillars of Inmost Ligiht"


Uther: "By the holy LIGIHT!"


Edit: I see Stan edited the text on the post; but the actual item in the database is the culprit. This wasn't meant as a bash towards Stan, sorry if it felt as if that was implied!

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I'm really not a fan of all these changes going towards RNG. Aside from the extra talent, everything new since NH opening have been about procs, even our last trait. I would like to see more consistency in performance instead of everyone just being reliant on procs to do well.

Then we look at the classes like Enhancement Shamans that already rely bit on RNG, they need double luck after all changes. I don't see why Blizzard is all of sudden into all the RNG in WoW? Did the Hearthstone team fill in for people? ^_^

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2 hours ago, Arkpit said:

I don't see why Blizzard is all of sudden into all the RNG in WoW? Did the Hearthstone team fill in for people? ^_^

It has been like this for a very long time, sadly. Even way before Hearthstone existed. Some specs are very proc reliant and then there were trinkets that were so good that if you didn't get a "spec proc" during the trinket's proc, you were often at the bottom of the dps meter. And sometimes even below tanks, if you really played a sub-par spec (Even if you played the rotation very well). But when those procs aligned, you'd be at the top.


The only time this wasn't the case as much was in Vanilla (Where balance was something people didn't care about unless the cutting edge raiding guilds (the 1% of the 1% that raided, pretty much, the other 99% were just happy to have 40 people at max level with blue gear, the 99% of the total population back at the time didn't even raid at all.)

In TBC the RNG was already very bad for a lot of classes, and you still had very high situational specs; Paladins were amazing in mount hyjal for example because a lot of their spells always crit against undead, while, back then, there were still mobs immune to certain spells (Makes sense in lore, but not in gameplay) such as fire mages casting fire spells at fire elementals (This was also very prevalent in Vanilla)


I know that's not RNG, but it was one of the big problems alongside RNG. Because there were multiple big issues, the RNG was just one part of it and thus not as obvious as it is nowadays. MoP had arguably the largest overhaul of the specs in the existence of WoW; talent trees got changed into what it is now; druids finally separated Guardian from Feral etc. And with it, they brought a lot more RNG to the table (Because the specs were more defined, they allowed more playroom)


So there were a lot of complaints about RNG, and Blizzard came up with a solution (bandaid, but still) called Multistrike. If your fireball had a chance to proc something, it now had three chances to proc it. It looked amazing on paper but actually led to more RNG... What if your Fireball procs, but the skill you cast from it doesn't proc its multistrike effect? You still lose a lot of damage. And what if, despite Fireball's 3 proc chances, it still doesn't proc 4 casts in a row?


It ended up just being a layer of RNG on top of RNG, and was removed in Legion. What we're left with in Legion is what we see now... I personally wish Blizzard would add resto shaman's procs to all other classes (omg homogenization !)  in that Tidal Waves was always a guaranteed proc. This was proposed in one of the interviews/dev talks at Blizzcon a couple of years back but Blizzard argued that the game becomes a lot less fun for DPS when you simply follow a systematical pattern; 123345 - 123345 - 123345.


I however argue that you can still make challenging and interesting rotations even without RNG based procs, but this post is already a lot longer than I thought it'd end up being, so I wonder if anyone would even read this far ;)



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Just more legos to worry about needing. I know I have said this before but, once again, I recently got my required BiS as BM and they are nerfing it to the ground. Probably going to be the end of the next patch before I see the next BiS, whatever that will be. Makes me sad.

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