[Magtheridon][H] <Feared> 2 night 3/10 Mythic NH recruiting!

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<Feared> of Magtheridon-US is currently recruiting players of all classes/specs, and of all interests. We consider ourselves a casual, 2 night progression guild that is currently 3/10 Mythic Nighthold. Besides raiding, we also run Mythic+ on a nightly basis aiming to clear as many +10 or higher as possible during the week.

 Our raid schedule is very light:

 Tuesday 9p-11:30p EST

Thursday 9p-11:30p EST

Friday 9p-Finish (Normal OR Heroic Nighthold clear, optional for alts raid)

 What we expect:

 Be on time for raids. Be prepared (flasks, food, etc…). Be able to follow directions. Be able to take constructive criticism. Own up to your mistakes and improve on them.

 What you should expect:

A good group of people to game with that won’t take the game super serious, and still manage to kill bosses and get everyone loot.

 If that sounds like something you would be interested in, feel free to message/add PsiKoTiK#1538 or Haberle#1802 .

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Updating progress.

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3/10 Mythic NH. Still recruiting all classes and specs to expand our roster in preparation for Tomb.

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