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Salty - Legendary Struggles of an HPriest

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This post will be mostly a rant and then a question. 

Question first:

Is there any more I can do to boost my Bad Luck Protection and get my next leggo ? (Velens, HPriest Ring and Cloak remain)


My Pain:

After getting my 7th stupid non-BiS leggo, Maze's Unwavering Will, I felt that I might actually have a chance at getting the sacred Cloak of Infinite Parse (Hnnnnggg). 

So this past week I farmed...a lot (well a lot for me). It was Memorial Day weekend so I had ample time to do: 

Emisarrys, Mythic World Tour, Mythic + (11 and then a bunch of random keys), Nether Portal Farm, all the Wyrmtonuge caches I could grab while portal farming, RBG daily for the AP, Raids, (LFR, Norm, Heroic of all the raids, and mythic of En and one boss in NH). 

Feeling confident that I would get a leggo any day now  I grabbed my mythic cache yesterday hoping for one. Sadly, no leggo.

So I go back to the grind and start doing the Broken Shore WQ. See a rare boss is up. Kill it. Loot.... (Cue Metal Gear Solid guard alert sound) ORANGE TEXT! oh my go..Amani's Cord of Hope... -_- :'( . 

Cue guild trolling and me hating my life.

Bliz pls. Y u do this?

So now here I am, almost 12 hours later, feeling pretty down about it l that I "wasted" my time and still no payoff besides 1.9 billion AP. 

Please help me farm legendaries faster. Tips are appreciated. 


Septuagint, the Broken 


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First of all, you have to take it from another point of view: with every non BIS-Legendary you're chance is increased to get one with the next drop...as long there aren't any new ones introduced :-).

As far as i heard, there is actually a way to "target" the a specific legendary, but you still need a bit luck. Farm and hold back your shards. Do all the content-stuff to increase the chance to loot a legendary...and hope it doesn't drop. At the reset-day (in Europe it is wednesday), don't loot anything (not even your weekly chest)! Head directly to the shard-merchant and buy the needed slot.

I don't have any proof, but i heard that on reset-day your bad-luck-protection gets increased. It is also my observation that the most of all legendaries are dropped on reset-day. So if you did a ton of content, your protection is increased rather high. As you know, the slot from the shard-merchant can contain a legendary...so you can target it and pray. The more shards you have, the more "rolls" you got.

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