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Subtlety Rogue Hidden Artifact Keys Aren't There

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35 minutes ago, HiddenInShadowz said:

Hey guys I can't see the keys in the vault. This is my second time getting a vault ticket so do the keys only show up once?

I haven't actually verified this anywhere, it's just what I've observed. There's roughly 7 or 8 different options for items; you can only get each item once a week, and only 3 of the items show up at any given time. Sometimes you'll end up seeing 2, if you've already collected one of the ones that shows up from that ticket

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In my experience it feels more like they're on a 3 day'ish timer. Where it will be around for a few days every time you give him a ticket. I've several times been able to pick up the keys and ap tome a few days in a row. 

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