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Help my des lock

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Im a 910 des lock , im 51 traits 

My burst damage is good , but then it goes down to nothing , 






my procs dont tick for soul shards thus i cant shoot cb's as much as i want . the moment i start moving or hell breaks loose. ROF for aoe doesnt do damamge as needed on tich , even with Fire and brim


ST as said before is good but then i drop down to 600-650k fully flask,potion,food,rune


cb at best crits for 1.1 million


I have tried everything when it comes to talents, empowered, to eradiciation , wreak havoc and SC and still nothing


I even ordered a new upgrades for my pc as the current one is running on a 10 to 15 fps on raids 150ms , figured maybe the drop in fps was a reason for the dps drop, if not , what do you guys recommend?





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You have burst but little sustain because that's how you've built your character. You've got two on-use trinkets and you're also using Soul Conduit, which is much better in burst phases where you have increased Haste but rather poor for sustain. And I think you're doing the right thing by capitalizing on what you've got to maximize the burst phases, but it's still going to pale in comparison to someone who has Sin'dorei Spite.

I'd trade out one of the trinkets for a static Int + Haste trinket and swap in a different legendary if possible, Feretory or Space-Time Lessons. That will help to smooth out the peaks and valleys.

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