[EU - Twisting Nether - H] WipeJunkies is looking for exp'd raiders for SoO!

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Hello there,


Some friends migrated to Twisting Nether to make a 10man Raid-Team. (Leaders with 13/13 HC exp)

We are raiding the 10man content on a 3 day base.

These days are Wed, Sun and Mondays from 19:45 till 23:00 gametime, we sometimes extend the raid by 30 mins if we are close to a kill.


At this moment we are looking for players  who are willing to start from scratch. This does NOT mean we don't have any requirements for players to join us. We are all players who want to clear the content before nerfs or new patches/expansions hit the game.



  • MoP Raid-experience on the character your apply'ing with.

  • iLvL 535+ in Main-spec

  • 90% Attendance (Wed/Sun/Mondays 19:45 > 23:00 Gametime)

  • Up to date with Class-changes and Boss-fights

  • Willing to wipe for progression

  • Bring your own food, flasks and repair-gold


What we can offer:

  • Officer-team exp'd in leading succesfull 10 and 25man raiding guilds.

  • Stable raid-spot for decent and reliable players

  • Friendly atmosphere, while making fast progression



At this moment we are recruiting the following class/specs. How ever, we are considering all classes and specs at this point since the core-team is not complete yet.


1 Tank (Druid/Monk)

1 Healer (Druid/Shaman)

Ranged DPS (Shaman/Druid)

Melee DPS (Rogue/Druid/Shaman/Paladin)



We are going to use a Loot-Council system. This means that the players who put most benefit into the guild by showing up for raids, being on time, not going afk all the time and being able to push their class to the limits to get the loot first. This does not mean that the same person gets all the gear, since we have to it as a team. The stable players get the loot.


More info? Want to join?

We ain't working with an Application form. We want to have an interview with our applicants on TS (with a working mic!) The other option is in-game chat, but TS has the advantage of you with a working mic talking with your own voice..


You can add me or arkiu on Real-ID for a chat.

Gruuwelijk#2460 or arkiu#2867

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