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Galakras Fight for MW monk

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Questions about Galakras Fight for MW monk

Sorry for wrong topic...but I can't fixed it...I'm looking for help here....


This is my another post about Galakras fight



But at here, I just want to ask the specific questions about my MW monk since the RL believed the problem is my shitty healing. 


This is my armory and all the glyphs and talent u see there are the ones I used during the fight.



And I used TFT and Chi Brew on CD especially during the 2nd phase, but still can't do much since there are 45sec CD there.  And also used chi torpedo, Chi Burst on CD, sometimes use SCK(not too often since it will make me go Oom very fast),  that's working ok, but tbh, they can just heal up the tick from Pulsing Flames.


I regened my mana to full or at least 90% at the beginning of 2nd phase, so I can surging mist everyone since I just ran out idea, and also b/c those Flames of Galakrond could take 80% health of ppl by one shot, surging mist  is the only one can heal ppl up at this point. 


That's all I got now..., and like I mentioned there, I can only pull around 95k HPS at 531ilvl,  Is there anywhere my stats wrong? And is there anywhere I can improve in this fight, I thought I did best but still, like i mentioned, RL believed the wipes were caused by my shitty healing, so i'm really confused now.

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Get rid of mana Tea glyph, and use SCK or Surging mists.  You're missing 2 items (gloves and waist) from your armory.


Which one is pulsing flames? is that the DoT that ppl get for soaking damage from the fireball?


Do you have logs to show your performance?

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There are no logs posted there.  For the flame dot, if the person has too many stacks they just need to run out of the group and let it fall off.


What specifically are you having problems with rotation wise?

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Eh..I guess it's b/c the old records are private. =[


Well, I used my Revival with intell pot when the health of the whole group are generally low (like 30%). Then use Surging mist the most of time, and TFT + Chi Brew and Chi Birst on CD. pretty much it =/

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