[Draenor] [A] <My Dirty Little Minions> (7/7 H, 2/3 N, 4/10 H) LF Healers and DPS

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My Dirty Little Minions is a casual raiding guild in US-Draenor (Alliance). We are currently 6/9 for Tomb of Sargeras and are recruiting more members to push further. Our goal is to be able to complete normal and heroic difficulties before the next raid comes out.

We are currently recruiting healers and DPS. To join the ToS raid team, you need to have at least item level of 890 and the 5 major traits in your artifact weapon. Players of lower item level can join and we can help gear you up by running keystones.

We raid Fridays and Saturdays from 5 PM to 8 PM server time (8 through 11 PM EST) . We are pretty relaxed however we expect you to be ready for raid with consumables and that you are on time.

For more information feel free to message: Forsaken#1267 nsciria#1736

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