[Emerald Dream][A] <Scrub Squad> (7/7M, 2/3M, 4/10M) - LF All

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[Emerald Dream][A] <Scrub Squad> Two night raiding guild currently at 2/3 Mythic ToV and 4/10 Mythic Nighthold.
We are recruiting all roles for ToS progression. 
There will be a focus on pushing mythic after clearing normal/heroic but those who just want to clear normal/heroics are welcome too.

Raid Times:
Our raid nights are Tuesday/Thursday from 8 pm-12 EST
Guild Events: 100% optional - Gambling, Timewalking, Raffles, MemeWars, Transmog Runs, Alt Runs and more.
Mythic+ is run all week as well.

Requirements: Active player, familiar with your class. Discord is a MUST for progression nights. Be open to help from officers or other players to help improve your numbers. We use Warcraftlogs to help improve our gameplay and are willing to help you improve IF you are willing to meet us in the middle.

We currently have 19 Raiders but are looking to fill enough to have a viable roster for when people are out/late.

What we are looking for in members:
-To be on time and available during raid.
-Willing to do the research and put forth effort. This involves things like watching videos of fights before raid time and reading up on your class to perform your best.
-Come with a good attitude and be ready to have fun.
-Be mature. We're all adults and can say some offensive jokes sometimes.

You can message me here or add me on battle tag (Oldmanondorf #1454)

Hope to see you in game!

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