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[US-Mannoroth][Alliance] <Shadow Knights> is recruiting for 25m progression

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<Shadow Knights> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild focusing on progression. We have a very laid back raiding environment when we're clearing farm content but we put our game face on when it's progression time! Our leadership team has nearly 15 years of high-end raiding experience over different MMO's. 


We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday starting at 7:30pm up to 11:30pm EST


We currently are 4/14 in (normal) SoO


We are actively looking to fill up the following classes:


- Deathknight: Tank with a strong DPS offspec

- Druid: Feral DPS

- Monk: Mistweaver with a strong DPS offspec

- Rogues: Any Spec *HIGH DEMAND*

- Shaman: Resto with a strong DPS offspec

- Warlock: Any Spec *HIGH DEMAND*


What we expect in our applicants


- You must understand all the mechanics of your own class.

- You should be able to execute a strategy properly after learning it.

- You should be able to keep at least a 90% attendance.

- Don't be an asshole, douchebag, drama queen, or mute. Be proactive.

- You should be able to adapt to any situations thrown your way.


What we will provide:


- An active guild with people online, doing old and new content (Valor farming, Timeless Isle groups, Transmog runs, Alt groups, etc)

- Free gems and enchants for your 553+ gear when you have at least 90% attendance

- Discount for Flasks, Potions and "300 Food"


For more information or to submit an application, please visit: skmannoroth.guildportal.com

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