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I am fairly new to Icy Veins and I noticed that the list of builds for the Monk is missing 2 builds from the top builds. There is no Inna LTK build and no Inna 6 / Uliana 4 build. Both of those builds had good results in the season and are both capable of 90+ GR clears. The Inna 6 / Uliana 4 build supposedly cleared a 98 in season on the EU server, so I feel they should be represented here on the site. Thanks.

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Inna 6 / Uliana 4 build

You need the six piece bonus of Inna and the four piece bonus of Uliana for this build. The build relies on combining the Inna 6 bonus, Uliana 4 bonus, Convention of Elements bonus and Endless Walk bonus to have a huge SSS on every Holy rotation of CoE. You only need to have Cool Down reduction rolled onto one piece of gear, plus the diamond in your helm and paragon. The rest of your stat priorities should go into other offense related stats such as Area Damage, Crit Chance and Crit Damage.


Inna Helm, Chest, Belt, Pants and Weapon

Uliana Gloves, Shoulders and Boots

Convention of Elements and The Compass Rose

Traveler's Pledge

Spirit Guards


Assimilation, Implosion, Fulminating Onslaught, Ascension, Blinding Speed, Faith in the Light

Beacon, Harmony, NDE, Mythic Rythym


Lion's Claw, Crudest Boots and RoRG


All Diamonds in Helm, Chest and Pants and Emerald in weapon

Trapped, Stricken and Esoteric Alteration

With one CDR roll on your gear and paragon, Beacon and the diamond in your Helm you'll have 42% CDR which is exactly enough to have SSS available on every Holy cycle of CoE. That also means that Serenity is available during Fire rotation which is where you start building up Assimilation stacks while you are invulnerable.


The pieces of Inna's and Uliana's can be mixed and matched except for Uliana shoulders and Inna's belt and weapon. 



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Inna LTK build:

Inna Gloves, Helm, Chest, Belt and Pants

Crudest Boots

Lefebvre's Soliloquy 

Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac and The Compass Rose

The Traveler's Pledge

Bindings of the Lesser Gods


Rabid Strike


In-Geom (Crystal Fist for pushing), Rivera Dancers and RoRG


Gogok of Swiftness, Trapped and Stricken; Topaz in helm, Diamonds in chest and pants, Emeralds in weapons


Assimilation, Sweeping Armada, Implosion, Insight, Water Ally, Blinding Speed

Beacon of Ytar, Harmony, Seize the Initiative, Guardian's Path

You want to have at least 40% CDR and 45% RCR for this build to function properly. With that much RCR and CDR you can have permanent Epiphany which means that every Cyclone Strike and LTK gets a Rabid Strike clone, and the LTK's from the clones are buffed by almost all of your buffs (they don't get skill % rolled on helm and boots). The clone's Cyclone Strikes provide a much larger area for the Bindings of the Lesser Gods buff to affect enemies, normally only the immediate area around you gets the 200 % increase to Allies damage but the multiple CS help alleviate that. With a high ranked Gogok, Blinding Speed and Guardian's Path you have an excellent chance of dodging incoming damage. Insight can be changed to Desert Shroud for a boost to toughness but the insane spirit from Insight let's you LTK a lot more frequently.

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