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Hello there!

Recently i've been thinking about playing wow again. But I dont know what to do and maybe you guys can help me.

The thing is that my main was a Fire mage which sucks now and I dont wanna rerroll because legends, and a ret pally, both ally.

Im thinking in make a new character in the horde. My choices are frost mage, ret pally, destro warlock, unholy dk.

My main objective now is just to have fun again with WoW and not to be a hardcore player trying to get MM.

What do you guys think?


Thanks !! 

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Well I mean one just because a spec isn't top dps doesn't mean you should just abandon that character especially if you have BIS legendary items. Even then fire appears to be doing quite well in TOS at the moment

As far as the specs you have listed a lot of that comes down to personal taste. Although there is only a little (lot) of personal bias I'd recommend unholy death knight followed by destro lock. Ret now plays like old arms warrior and I don't care for the proc window and frost is fine but the rotation isn't as rewarding to me as fire. Unholy has a lot to manage and is a lot of fun (cough bias) but I also like destro a lot mostly because it feels a bit like fire mage in a way, weaker basic attacks building up to a couple real big ones. ie fireball -> pyroblast and then incinerate-> chaos bolt, the mechanics do "Evolve' your spell are different but the general concept is sort of similar *shrugs*.


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You ask what i think, here it comes :-)

Actually you can have fun with every class. What exactly do you understand as "fun"? You're writing you don't like fire mage because they suck. As far as i understand, fun means to you dealing good dps :-). If this is an issue, then you have a basic problem because Blizzard is nerving and buffing the classes continuously. I haven't tried it, but demon hunter looks always very funny and you can jump around like no other class (but you didn't list em).

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On 29/06/2017 at 8:37 AM, Gryam said:

What do you guys think?

I've been having a huge amount of fun with UH in PvP especially and Frost Mage in PvE. I find both super rewarding to play, but I'd definitely recommend just giving them a try, maybe test them in the trial if you haven't played them, etc. 

If you're not worried about output, you can just play what you find most fun.

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