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Good afternoon, Dalaran!      


The Heroes Hierarchy is a brand new guild to Dalaran.   My partner and I have over 12 years experience in the game and have decided to create a progression guild for players looking to be good at the game!    We have a huge passion for World Of Warcraft and want to create a community for ambitious WOW players looking to get involved in the higher level content in all sides of the game!     We will be facilitating all aspects of the game for players looking to really get the most out of World Of Warcraft!


The Heroes Hierarchy will be a VERY inclusive guild with insane amounts of perks and nearly unlimited resources to our main progress members in PVP and PVE groups. ( Gear, food, enchants, repairs, gems, Alt runs, Mounts, pets, gold, anything else)



       We are currently looking to recruit 3 officers to help up start this from the ground up.

We need somebody who is able to take the game serious and be professional when necessary.  

There are many opportunity's available in starting a new guild, and hope we find some eager players looking to take advantage of them!


If you are interested in an officer position and would like to find out more about the guild comment below, Also please contact me @ Rexel#1358 or Erodish @ Ragnaros#1276


I'm looking forward to making a splash in Dalaran and continue to enjoy this game we all love.   



Happy questing, Everyone!

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