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Patch 7.3: Invasion Points

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Invasion Points are a new type of replayable content in Patch 7.3 that let you fight the Legion on multiple different worlds.

We don't know much about Invasion Points yet, because they weren't tested on PTR, but we datamined several items, like Depleted RiftstoneDepleted Riftstone and Charged RiftstoneCharged Riftstone that provide solid evidence of "Rifts" in World of Warcraft.

In the latest interview with Ion Hazzikostas, Jesse Cox wanted to know more about Invasion Points and the answer he got was:

  • Invasion Points are a Legion portal network on Argus, where the Legion is assaulting other worlds. Players can enter them using a riftstone they recover from the wreckage of Kil'jaeden's ship, which crashed on Argus. You're actually getting little glimpses of all new planets around the cosmos. The point is to defeat Legion forces, complete an objective & fight a boss.

Based on further datamining, there are multiple types of Invasion Rifts.

Invasion Rift - Blood


Invasion Rift - Fire


Invasion Rift - Forest


Invasion Rift - Ice


Invasion Rift - Islands


Invasion Rift - Marsh


Which scenery do you like most?

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Mmm...like that Rifts are coming to WoW.


...But if I get a riftstone labelled "Tristram", that one gets a solid "Nope"

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On 5.07.2017 at 9:02 PM, Migol said:

Mmm...like that Rifts are coming to WoW.


...But if I get a riftstone labelled "Tristram", that one gets a solid "Nope"

@MigolAnd the Cow Avatar xD It will be the secret Cow lvl 

People can say what they want, but Blizzard is really getting into doing content for us. It's really dynamic :)

Happy to see that they care more about what players tell them

Edited by Dvanom

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On 14/07/2017 at 8:04 AM, Dvanom said:

@MigolAnd the Cow Avatar xD It will be the secret Cow lvl 

People can say what they want, but Blizzard is really getting into doing content for us. It's really dynamic :)

Happy to see that they care more about what players tell them

They're doing a great job so far in Legion!

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      Mythic Rankings
      The 95th percentile top 8 remained literally the same as last week, with Demonology hopping 6 spots into 8th, displacing Fury, Assassination, Retribution and Unholy, but especially Windwalker, which fell 4 spots to 15th. The bottom 7 also remained the same, but are presumably much less happy about that fact, as Outlaw is the biggest mover in the bottom half, rising by 2.

      95th percentile Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.
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      Will it last? Hard to predict. For starters multiple proc effects such as the Shards, or some of the new Soulbind nodes and new trinkets straight up do not work except with Shadowbolt and Demonbolt, resulting in a severely reduced performance gain, something that does not affect the other 2 specs. Then there is the fact both Affliction and Destruction can make use of additional targets to funnel priority damage, while Demonology has nothing but a passive cleave built in, and last but not least we still have Heroic week tuning and possibly a few more passes ahead.
      Will Chains of Domination be a Demonology tier? I am very skeptical, judging from the encounters, especially the last 2 which historically have shaped the "meta" in any recent raid. That does not mean Demonology isn't a good and competitive spec currently, but If shards and Soulbind nodes aren't addressed, expect the spec niche to be overtaken by either Affliction or Destruction.

      Heroic Rankings, Overall Damage
      Heroic saw Arcane have one of its frequent upswings, with Enhancement also rising, arriving right behind Elemental, with a Shaman face-off imminent!

      All percentiles Heroic data by Warcraft Logs.

      As always, if you want even more info on a spec, you can check out our class guides here, or for even more data, head on over to Warcraft Logs.
    • By Starym
      We've talked a fair amount about brutosaur owners and the various ways in which they help players in Oribos, as well as the devilish tricks some use to purposefully keep everyone away from their AH and the crafty players that manage to get there anyway (and then there was that one bruto-helicopter thing...), but today we have a really funny, but actually pretty sad interaction to take a look at. While it actually happened on the transmog Yak mount, it's definitely bruto-adjacent and spawned plenty of bruto-related stories as well.
      This type of thing happens on a daily basis: a player with a yak/bruto walks off because they're just playing the game and using their mount, and someone gets annoyed enough at being interrupted mid-AH/transmog that they actually message the mounted player and complain. However, this one particular player took it to the next (Karen) level, after Zckar, a yak owner, was just jumping around on their mount in Dalaran, as pretty much everyone does from time to time:

      Source: Zckar.
      The exchange is solidly bizarre, but also most likely not that uncommon in the AH dinosaur/fashion store yak business. Zckar also mentioned they'd have happily stopped moving if asked:
      I bet if that player whispered you and just asked you nicely you would have gladly let them use it. But god damn people like that are an issue lmao - Rhynocerousrex
      absolutely i get those whispers with the AH mount in oribos but i was moging, changed the helm i was using and started running around waiting on friends to come back for a key i was baffled when i got the whisper hahahah made me laugh a lot - Zckar
      i was removing my helm mog and jumping on it around the well in dala i just love the yak jump hahaha and then bam essay message - Zckar Plenty of other players joined in with their own mount-convenience vendor-related stories in the reddit thread as well, including an amazing one where one player using the AH gave the bruto owner 10K gold as thanks, but then the bruto owner sent back 75K from an alt char they then deleted, so the gold would stay put!
      My buddy was on his AH mount in oribos and I summoned him for a key. He got a very angry whisper afterwards. - X-Cyberfairy-X
      ... I always thought its a minigame where you race against time to finish transmog but you dont know when the time is up. If i cant finish it in time, well its what it is i will use the transmogifier in any major city. - derflinger1
      I once had someone ask nicely if I could resummon it (I was about to fly away) so I did. They took like...five fucking minutes to finish their shit. This was either back in Legion or BfA, had flying already, was about to fuck right off to do my own shit.
      The difference is they asked nicely.
      Now that I'm thinking about it, there's a xmog bro in boralus like...he's right there. - LeCampy
      If someone asks politely I'll always stay for a little.
      One person didn't realize they could just buy it themselves, so I flew them out to buy one.
      Another person tried to pay me 10K gold for some reason. I tried telling them that they might as well buy the mount, they said they didn't have enough gold, but also "made" me take their gold. I took it, waited a couple days, mailed them $75k from an alt, then deleted the character. - EA_Forum_Moderator
      At the beginning of Shadowlands, moving after being AFK on a Bruto in Oribos was like lifting a rock with critters under it. - Picopus
      I always ask AH- or Mogg-Mount-People very politely if they could please stand still for a second. They usually do, I thank them and go about my merry way. Really don’t see why people behave rudely if you could just ask nicely. After all, it’s not my mount. - The_White_Queen
      As a longboi owner I've seen shit like this, not to this magnitude but I've seen many things that are similar, I was hanging out on a wow Discord and then this guy suddenly posts someone's name and realm and says "This guy is running around in Oribos with longboi, everybody harass him please" and boy am I glad people told this person to fuck off and delete the guy's name and realm, some people think they are entitled to AH Mounts and if you don't sit still for 5 hours for everyone to be pleased and be their own little personal assistance swolekin slave they get real mad, sometimes ill mount longboi and inform my surroundings how much time I'll be there to avoid people's Tears of Rage, not great - WobbySath
      I usually /yell when I’m going to Afk offline on my bruto. I’ve gotten a few 100-500g tips in the mail when I come back. Most common in covenant sanctum. - rob0tparty

      The actual brutosaurs are still popping up on the Black Market AH and going for the maximum 9,999,999 amount, so there won't be that many new ones for quite a while - so maybe be nice to those that are here (even if they move)!
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