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[Stormrage] [A] <Munificence> (9/9 H)

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is a newer guild, started late into Nighthold, looking for more members of all kinds. Especially looking for raiders now, with raid times being 9pm-12am est (server time)Thursday and Friday. We are also recruiting anyone interested for Tomb of Sargeras and are looking to go into heroic content.

About Us:


First off, our biggest concern is to find people that fit with us. Fun is our biggest concern, we all play this game with each other to have fun, and so if someone doesn’t feel like they fit in, how could they have fun? Obviously, this is something you can only find out by hanging with us and coming to a raid or two. We’re a decently diverse group, sometimes loud and brash, but all good people…mostly.




Currently we are 10/10H in Nighthold, 9/9N in ToS, and 9/9H. We are looking to fill a couple of positions, dps and tank spots specifically. We also can always use backups/extras/casuals! Specifics: DPS: No mail users Retribution Paladin, Rogue (any) Boomkin or Feral Arms/Fury Warrior Unholy/Frost Death Knight. Healing:  

As a side note for dps, skill is not our biggest concern. Rotations can be taught, weakauras can be made, sims can be ran, and cooldowns can be practiced. The thing that can’t be fixed is fitting in/liking us, so try us out, if you’re not sure you’ll be parsing decently, that’s alright.




A headset is a must! The raid leader will absolutely not tolerate reverb from your laptop mic picking up your speaker sounds. You will need a headset/earbuds with a mic to be able to raid with us. Discord is another requirement, it’s a simple and free program. https://discordapp.com/





To contact us we’d prefer you use discord, as all the officers you will first talk to will have that on their phones so we can get messages whenever. We will talk with you, and we can then invite to the guild after that. Shortly after joining the guild or beforehand if you prefer, we like to have a small conference just talking in discord, nothing serious.

Guild Master: Madøxx#8317 (picture of a nightelf wearing a cloth helmet) [very approachable]

Raid Leader: Zaylix#6372 (picture of a dumb dog) [fairly approachable]

Some Officers:

Merth#3679 (picture of a guy with glasses going ‘whew’) [Idk kinda weird, talk at your own risk]

Sandwichy#8132: Your (re)poster and recruitment officer.



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Bumping, 9/9H. Looking for dps  primarily. Please contact us through discord if interested. I do not come here as often as I should, but I don't have enough eyes to keep track of everything.

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