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Patch 7.3: Build 24539 Overview

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Build 24539 brought Mac'Aree, Invasion Points, the long-awaited Feral Druid changes, Tier 21 Set tuning and spells that enhance Concordance of the LegionfallConcordance of the Legionfall in various ways.

Concordance of Legionfall

We don't know yet how these spells will work, but it may have something to do with the Netherlight Crucible that hasn't been enabled yet. 

  • Holy WarriorHoly Warrior - Increases the chance for Concordance of the Legionfall to trigger for all allies within 8 yards.
  • Murderous IntentMurderous Intent - Your damage and healing is increased by 3% while Concordance of the Legionfall is active.

Secret Mount

Tier 21 Set Changes

This is the first build focusing on T21 tuning. While some bonuses haven't been implemented yet, Blizzard started to add numbers to bonuses added in the last build.

Death Knight

Demon Hunter





Class Changes


  • Class changes that were discussed earlier went live with this build

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Hi Cats,

We have a number of changes to Feral Druids coming soon. The general goals of these changes are:
  • 1. Reduce (but not necessarily displace entirely) the dominance of the big three complexifying and powerful talents: Savage RoarSavage Roar, Jagged WoundsJagged Wounds, and BloodtalonsBloodtalons. Each of those talents is (on live) winning by a large margin in terms of throughput against other talents on their rows.
  • 2. Balance out the power level of the last 3 talent rows, allowing more talents builds to be viable.
  • 3. Increase the skill floor and reduce how punishing it can be to error when playing the rotation.
  • 4. Compensate for power-level-reductions of talents with baseline damage increase to the spec so that at the highest level, performance isn’t really affected, but the bottom of the spec is brought up.

The most major changes:
  • All damage done increased by 33%.
  • Jagged WoundsJagged Wounds reduced to 20%. (down from 33%)
  • Savage RoarSavage Roar duration increased by 50% at all combo points. Damage bonus reduced to 15%. (down from 25%)
  • BloodtalonsBloodtalons damage bonus reduced to 25%. (down from 50%)

Looking back at the development of Feral Druid in Legion: when Savage RoarSavage Roar was moved from a baseline ability to the talent tree, in order to bring the power level of the ability closer to most talents (+25% damage to everything for a long duration is far stronger than most talents are), rather than reducing its damage bonus, its duration was significantly shortened instead. This contributed greatly to the overconstrained and overly punishing Feral rotation that you see on live today. Additionally, Jagged WoundsJagged Wounds was added as a new talent, reducing the amount of free combo points Ferals had available to finishers such as Ferocious BiteFerocious Bite (which was basically pushed out of the rotation entirely). Both talents probably would have been fine on their own, but taken together (because they were the strongest) at the live tuning values led to a more pressured Feral rotation than we felt was right.

Additionally, a few talents are being rearranged in the talent tree:
The primary gain here is moving Brutal SlashBrutal Slash to a sort of multitarget/AOE lvl 90 talent row along with SabertoothSabertooth (which can be well-utilized in a sustained low-target situation), giving the lvl 90 row a solid talent for dungeons. For now, we want to go with an arrangement that keeps Jagged WoundsJagged Wounds, Savage RoarSavage Roar, and BloodtalonsBloodtalons on separate rows so the current most common live build is still possible.

Other less major changes include quality of life and tuning adjustments to some talents to balance out the rows:
  • ProwlProwl cooldown reduced to 6 sec (down from 10 sec) for all Druid specs.
  • RebirthRebirth is castable in all forms, and consequently, is no longer affected by or consumes Predatory SwiftnessPredatory Swiftness.
  • SabertoothSabertooth damage bonus to Ferocious BiteFerocious Bite increased to 20%.
  • Incarnation: King of the JungleIncarnation: King of the Jungle energy cost reduction reduced to 50% (down from 60%) and only allows the use of ProwlProwl once. This it to balance out that talent row with the new Jagged WoundsJagged Wounds and to reduce the frequency of RakeRake stuns in PvP while still allowing Incarnation to function as an effective VanishVanish.
  • Moment of ClarityMoment of Clarity now causes Omen of ClarityOmen of Clarity to trigger twice as often and increases the damage of the affected abilities by 25%. This is to better space out what is essentially a large energy proc and reduce slightly the impact that a single talent has on the resource income and pacing of the rotation.
  • Elune's GuidanceElune's Guidance cooldown reduced to 30 sec (down from 45 sec) and combo points granted reduced to 5 + 5 over 5 seconds (down from 5 + 8 over 8 seconds).

Overall, with these changes, balance for the last 3 talent rows and consequently overall should be better in general. We expect the current most common build/playstyle of Jagged WoundsJagged Wounds + Savage RoarSavage Roar + BloodtalonsBloodtalons to still remain one of the strongest builds, but it should no longer win by a huge margin over other competing talent builds and also should be a little less strenuous to play.

These changes should be available in an upcoming PTR build. As usual, we may make further adjustments – especially tuning – as PTR progresses.

Below is a list of full changes for Feral Druids.

  • Feral DruidFeral Druid - damage of abilities increased by 33%
  • BloodtalonsBloodtalons - Casting Regrowth causes your next two melee abilities to deal 25% 50% increased damage for their full duration.
  • Brutal SlashBrutal Slash is now a level 90 talent.
  • Elune's GuidanceElune's Guidance - Immediately gain 5 combo points and an additional 1 combo point every 1 sec for 5 8 sec. It's now a level 100 talent with a cooldown reduced from 45 seconds to 30.
  • Incarnation: King of the JungleIncarnation: King of the Jungle - An improved Cat Form that allows the use of Prowl once while in combat, causes Shred and Rake to deal damage as if stealth were active, reduces the cost of all Cat Form abilities by 50% 60%, and increases maximum Energy by 50. Lasts 30 sec. You may shapeshift in and out of this improved Cat Form for its duration.
  • Jagged WoundsJagged Wounds - Your Rip, Rake, and Thrash abilities deal the same damage as normal, but in 20% 33% less time. It's now a level 75 talent.
  • Moment of ClarityMoment of Clarity - Omen of Clarity now affects the next 3 Shreds, Thrashes, or Swipes and increases their damage by 15 % triggers twice as often and increases the damage of your next Shred, Thrash, or Swipe by 25%. Your maximum Energy is increased by 30.
  • ProwlProwl - Cooldown reduced from 10 seconds.
  • Predatory SwiftnessPredatory Swiftness - Your finishing moves have a 20% chance per combo point to make your next Regrowth, Entangling Roots, or Rebirth or Entangling Roots instant, free, and castable in all forms.
  • RebirthRebirth - Usable in all shapeshift forms.
  • SabertoothSabertooth - Ferocious Bite deals 20% 15% increased damage and always refreshes the duration of Rip.
  • Savage RoarSavage Roar - Finishing move that grants 15% 25% increased damage to your Cat Form attacks for their full duration. Spell movet to level 90 talents. Lasts longer per combo point:
    • 1 point : 12 8 seconds
    • 2 points: 18 12 seconds
    • 3 points: 24 16 seconds
    • 4 points: 30 20 seconds
    • 5 points: 36 24 seconds


  • WeaponmasterWeaponmaster - Your abilities have a 0% 100% chance to hit the target twice each time they deal damage.



The first map known as "Argus" was renamed to Krokuun, so Argus now has three areas: Krokuun, Mac'Aree and Stygian Wake. Additionally, Vindicaar ports and Invasion points have been added to the map.


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      This last one is just too good to believe, as Raszageth's timing could not have been better:
      Another tragic tale:
      Some of those that made it through decided to show some solidarity to their party members, and use their time in the Isles wisely:
      Another warning to always think before you hearth:
      Say what you will about Shadowlands, but it had a smooth launch, and players are already re-evaluating their views on the now former expansion:
      Some players didn't even know how lucky they were, as they made it to the Dragon Isles just fine, played a little, but then DARED to log out:
      Then there's the usual source of trouble for a game:
      The greatest horror of all: some players can't even leave the Shadowlands due to the world server being down:
      And the memes have started already:
      Original post:
      From long or infinite loading screens to the Dragon Isle boats just not showing up, with "unknown time until arrival" there's a lot happening at the expansion's launch.
      After the long waits for the boat Blizzard finally spawned a portal to the Dragon Isles, but those that entered faced long and/or infinite loading screens, and some are just getting "Transnsfer aborted: instance not found" errors.
      Even those that made the original boats didn't quite make it across.
      And then there's those that don't even have world servers!
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      Well that was fast (although not quite as fast as expected due to the launch issues)! We already have our first max-level character in Dragonflight, as Korean players Adelio and his group managed to gain those 10 new levels as if it was nothing (as reported by Method's stream event). With some really long loading screens for the US and EU side of the launch, many players managed to actually get to the Dragon Isles instantly and start leveling there and while Korean servers also had some issues, the World First group were only affected by a small boat wait.

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      Over on the West side we have Chaoswithin grabbing the local first level 70 a short while ago as well, and there are around 5-7 players currently level 70 right now! Interestingly Echo's Gingi actually managed to get to 70 in around an hour and a half, as it took him a long time to log in and get past the loading screen.
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