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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for a guild on Sargeras (willing to realm transfer for the right guild) that needs a healer for progression or for any reason really lol I'd love to give mythic raiding a shot but really I'd like to run with some friendly people doing Heroic ToS. I also like running mythic+ content, or even dabble in PvP. I'm anti- bullshit/drama. I just love playing the game and want to meet some great people to progress with. Hope I am what you're looking for.

Here are some logs, of course these are ALL pugged, hence some lower numbers on a couple. Alot of runs haven't been recorded and i've been floating around 600k+ Hps. I'm not the best player in the world, but i'm consistent and dedicated. Add my battle.net GAUGE#1244



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While I am not on the same realm as you, we are looking for a healer for heroic progression. 

This is the link to the recruitment post that I made just a bit ago:

Take a look and if we both interest you and meet your needs, give me a shout so we can chat.

I hope to hear from you!


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