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Recruitment Rules [READ BEFORE POSTING]

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Welcome to the Non-English Recruitment Forums!

In order for your post to not be hidden/deleted, you need to follow the rules below.

1) Your title must list what language your guild raids in and the post must be in the same language. Non-latin letters are permitted assuming your language requires them.

2) You can bump your thread once per day IF you add new information to your thread that is required to be changed, such as class requirements. If you are simply bumping to gain more exposure, you can bump once per 3 days.

3) If you already have a recruitment thread, do not create a new one, unless necessary due to your guild disbanding or changing dramatically (name change, server change, faction change). Instead, bump your existing thread.

Your title must be in the following format:

[Realm][A/H] <Guild Name> [Language] (Progress) Info

  • Your [Realm] is the name of the Realm your guild is based on, but region is no longer required to be included. If you are on a connected realm, make sure to add this information into your title.
  • [A/H] is your faction.
  • <Guild Name> is your guild's current name.
  • [Language] should either be the name of your guild's spoken language or a well known abbreviation, such as DE for German or PL for Polish.
  • (Progress) is your current progress in the most recent raid. If you are not yet progressing the current tier, list your guild's experience in the highest tier raid you have raided together.
  • Info is what you are currently recruiting.

For example,

[Tichondrius] [A] <We Raid> [DE] (6/9 H) LF DPS!

If you are a player hoping to be recruited into a new guild, you will need to follow a slightly different format, as seen below:

[Player][A/H][Language] (Progress) Info

  • Don't replace [Player] with anything. This is to indicate that you are looking for a guild, not the other way round.
  • [A/H] is your faction.
  • [Language] is your preferred language to raid in. You can list multiple spoken languages assuming you can raid comfortably in them all.
  • (Progress) is your current progress in the most recent raid. 
  • Info is your specialisation/class or any other important information.

For example,

[Player] [A] [EN/DE/RU] (9/9 H) Rogue 931

Good luck in your hunts for players and guilds!

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