[Aggramar] [A] <Caution> (5/9H) LF DPS & a healer

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Caution's raid group is a fun and pretty casual heroic raiding guild.

We started running at 15 players but have whittled down to a 10 man.

We could use **DPS and a heals as well as a DPS or 2 with OS tank or heals**. There are a couple of fights where popping in another heals, or even a tank, on progression would be quite beneficial. We also would prefer to avoid having to pug someone in, potentially breaking master loot. 


<Caution> Aggramar is a Heroic Raiding Guild

Raid Days and Time:

Tuesday and Wednesday 

8:30 - 11:30 PM EST

Recruiting Priorities:



DPS with OS tank or heals

We are seeking raiders who are able to commit to showing up to raid on time, twice a week, every week. 



Important Stuff for you to know:

<Caution> is a combination of long time players, irl friends and some newbies. 

We have been around since Lich King, "Good News Everyone!" and we just really enjoy playing the game. The weekends are often filled with ranking up Mythic + keys... or depleting them... you know... depending on the time of day, fullness of the moon, the whim of the Thunderfury... :p

We get serious... We goof off.. We have good times... We sometimes get stressed. 


Know your class. 

Come to raid ready to play with your gear in order.

We have a go to Enchanter, Jewelcrafter, Alchemist and chef; you bring the mats and we got you.

Have a good attitude. Getting along with the group is key for us and should be for you as well. You do you and we will do us and see how it goes.

Be prepared to move to Aggramar, if you are not here (or on our sister server, Fizzcrank) already. 

WARNING: Joining this guild could lead to putting in some serious hours in front of the wide screen..  While Raids have set times, sometimes we get carried away on off days and put in some serious time on the mains.. and the alts. It happens.. Be prepared... well you can't *really* be prepared, so be forewarned! 


Loot Council for tier, Suicide Kings for everything else

We use a very simple Suicide Kings Loot Ladder divided into two groups, non-tier and trinkets. When you receive an item you are knocked off the ladder and go to the bottom. Greed for OS/transmog does not affect your loot ladder standing.

Tier pieces are handed out with a predetermined loot council list. 
You give us your top 4 and when it is your turn, it stays your turn until you get your 4 set. Easy peasy.

Final Words:
We can work with you if you have been out of raiding for a while or are new to raiding. Attitude and willingness to learn, as well as being available and on time for raid are key. 

Gear can be earned, fights can be learned. 

If you are interested in joining us, but have little recent or no experience in raiding, be honest about where you are in the game and we will talk.

Contact: Panda#11588 AKA Pandorahh

PS. Priority given to those who are able to link the achievement: 100 Fish 

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Made a small adjustment to the title after changing the rules :)

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      Heres my armory :
      Heres our log :
      And here's one hopeful hunter