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Patch 7.3: Vindicaar Matrix Core Powers

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The Vindicaar provides players with multiple useful abilities that work just like Garrison abilities in WoD and provide perks that only work on Argus.


Vindicaar serves as your main transportation hub on Argus. If you haven't read our Argus introduction, you can do that here to learn more about how to get to Argus and what the Vindicaar is.

Vindicaar Matrix Core

The Vindicaar's powerful Matrix Core provides players with powers that can be used only on Argus. It's very similar to Garrison abilities back in Warlords of Draenor. You can only have one ability selected at a time and the abilities unlock as you complete portions of the Argus story. You can return and select a different ability at any time.

Vindicaar Matrix Core Powers


The following powers can only be used on Argus. They can't be used in the new dungeon or raid.

  • Fel Heart BondFel Heart Bond - Grants a connection to the Fel Heart of Argus that allows you to be brought back to life should you take fatal damage. Knocksbacks enemies and stuns them for 5 sec. Cannot trigger more than once per 30 min.
  • Light's JudgmentLight's Judgment - Calls upon the Vindicaar to release a beam of Holy Light to blast your enemies, inflicting 1,900,000 Holy damage to enemies within 15 yards and stunning them for 5 sec.
  • Shroud of Arcane EchoesShroud of Arcane Echoes - Shroud yourself for 10 sec. While shrouded, you are untargetable by enemies. Attacking cancels the effect.
  • Summon Lightforged WarframeSummon Lightforged Warframe - Summon the Lightforged Warframe for use as a powerful vehicle for 45 sec.
  • Vindicaar Teleport BeaconVindicaar Teleport Beacon - The Vindicaar Teleport Beacon will be available to choose at your Matrix Core. The Vindicaar Teleport Beacon requests a teleport to the nearest Light Forged Beacon.
    • This ability was probably scrapped in favor of Krokul FluteKrokul Flute that does the same thing.

Power Assessment

Light's JudgmentLight's Judgment is definitely the ability the go-to ability. Not only does it provide reliable damage increase on a two-minute cooldown, it also comes with utility in form of a stun for all hit targets for 5 seconds.


Summon Lightforged WarframeSummon Lightforged Warframe is a powerful vehicle that shares models with the Lightforged Warframe mount, giving you access to 3 different abilities and increasing your health for 45 seconds. It's on a 10-minute cooldown, which is quite long.

  • Judgment BlastJudgment Blast - Inflicts Holy damage to enemies near the holy orb. (1.5 sec cooldown).
  • Purifying FlamePurifying Flame - Deals Holy damage to all enemies in a cone in front of the caster for 1.5 sec. (6 sec cooldown).
  • Crusader LeapCrusader Leap - Inflicts Holy damage to enemies at the targeted location and knocks them back. (12 sec cooldown).


Shroud of Arcane EchoesShroud of Arcane Echoes makes you invisible for 10 seconds and it's on a two-minute cooldown. This utility spell isn't really useful. Attacking enemies breaks stealth and if you pull too many mobs, Light's JudgmentLight's Judgment's damage & stun will deal with it. It's even more useless for Rogues with Stealth.


Fel Heart BondFel Heart Bond prevents fatal damage and provides the user with a knockback and a five-second stun. It's on a 30-minute cooldown. Another useless ability if you're a Death Knight using PurgatoryPurgatory, Rogue with Cheat DeathCheat Death or a Mage with CauterizeCauterize. The thing is mobs die really fast and if you're not afraid of using your interrupt, you shouldn't need this at all.

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Should be noted, on PvP servers Fel Heart Bond is going to be extremely good, just so you can get back up immediately after being ganked. Shroud of Arcane Echoes will also be very good for world PvP.

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7 hours ago, Maruken said:

Should be noted, on PvP servers Fel Heart Bond is going to be extremely good, just so you can get back up immediately after being ganked. Shroud of Arcane Echoes will also be very good for world PvP.

With a stun that long, it could be the difference between getting killed again and actually winning the fight. Will depend on the animation time to ress from it.

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