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Patch 7.3: Netherlight Crucible Preview

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Netherlight Crucible introduced in Patch 7.3 is a new way to customize relics. It has three tiers of traits and slots are gated behind your Artifact Level.

Since last we previewed the Netherlight Crucible a lot of things have changed. This is an extended preview of the new feature as of Patch 7.3 Build 24700.

Unlocking Netherlight Crucible

To unlock the Netherlight CrucibleNetherlight Crucible, you need to finish all quests in Krokuun and Mac'Aree.

Legendary Items

Patch 7.3 adds the following Legendary item Insignia of the Grand ArmyInsignia of the Grand Army that increases the effects of Light and Shadow powers granted by the Netherlight Crucible by 50% (Insignia of the Grand ArmyInsignia of the Grand Army). It's rewarded from the Antorus raid quest The Death of a Titan.

Relic Slot Levels

There are 3 relic slot levels gated behind Artifact Level. At Artifact level 56, I was able to unlock Tier 1 for the first two relic slots. Tier 1 for the third relic slot is still locked.

  • Relic slot 1 upgrades to level 2 (Tier 2) at Artifact Level 61
  • Relic slot 2 upgrades to level 2 (Tier 2) at Artifact Level 64
  • Relic slot 3 upgrades to level 2 (Tier 2) at Artifact Level 67 (confirmation needed)

Netherlight Crucible Relic Preview

The talent tree for a relic can be previewed, before you attach the relic to your Artifact, but previewing a relic makes it soulbound.


Netherlight Crucible Traits

Netherlight Crucible has three tiers. Tier 1 is shared for all relics and Tier 2 & 3 are random.

Tier 1 (Single Trait)

Netherlight FortificationNetherlight Fortification is the only ability available in this tier, shared across all relics. It is a passive that increases the item level of your artifact by 5, so the first tier will increase your artifact level by up to 15 (3 relic slots).

Tier 2 (Two Traits [A, B])

The second tier contains two randomly chosen passives. One light & one shadow power. 

Based on datamining we found the following passives for Netherlight Crucible's Tier 2.

Please note that the system is still in testing and many of the spells listed here may be removed, replaced or modified at any time during 7.3 testing.

Light Powers

  • Holy Warrior - Increases the chance for Concordance of the Legionfall to trigger for all allies within 8 yards.
  • Infusion of LightInfusion of Light - Your harmful spells and abilities have the chance to deal 1,000 additional Holy damage. Your helpful spells and abilities have a chance to heal for 1,000.
  • Light's AegisLight's Aegis - Blesses a unit with Light's Aegis, granting the unit a chance when struck to gain Blazing Aegis, which absorbs 2,000,000 damage and reflects damage back at the attacker.
  • Light's EmbraceLight's Embrace - When you take damage, you have a chance to generate Light's Embrace, stacking up to 5 times. Light's Embrace heals for 1,000 damage over 6 sec.
  • Light's HaloLight's Halo - Blesses you with Light's Halo, giving your attacks a chance to create an area of sanctified ground that increases damage inflicted from within by 0%.
  • Light's MomentumLight's Momentum - Blesses you with Light's Momentum, increasing mounted speed by 15%. Also increases damage inflicted to enemies by 15% for 8 sec after dismounting.
  • Light's RadianceLight's Radiance - Blesses you with the Light's Radiance, giving your attacks against demons a chance to disorient an enemy for 4 sec.
  • Light SpeedLight Speed - Haste increased by 650. Movement speed increased by 650.
  • Refractive ShellRefractive Shell - Your spells and abilities have the chance to cause Refractive Shell, absorbing 25 damage. Lasts 10 sec.
  • Secure in the LightSecure in the Light - Your harmful spells and abilities have the chance to deal 1,000 additional damage and grant you Holy Bulwark, absorbing up to 500 damage over 8 sec.
  • ShocklightShocklight (Shocklight) - While Concordance of the Legionfall is active, your critical strike is increased by 1,500.

Shadow Powers

  • Chaotic DarknessChaotic Darkness - Your spells and abilities have a chance to deal 1,000 to 5,000 Shadow damage and heal you for 1,000 to 5,000.
  • Coiling Shadows - Versatility increased by 1,000.
  • Dark SorrowsDark Sorrows - Your spells and abilities have a chance to afflict the target with Sorrow, causing it to burst after 8 sec, dealing 1,000 Shadow damage.
  • Master of ShadowsMaster of Shadows - Mastery increased by 1,000. Avoidance increased by 1,000.
  • Murderous IntentMurderous Intent - Your Versatility is increased by 3 while Concordance of the Legionfall is active.
  • Torment the WeakTorment the Weak - Your spells and abilities have a chance to cause Torment, dealing 1,000 Shadow damage over 15 sec. This effect stacks up to 3 times.
  • Shadow Controller - Your spells have a chance to grant you and a nearby ally 3 Mastery for 10 sec.
  • ShadowbindShadowbind - Your spells and abilities have a chance to deal 1,000 Shadow damage and heal you for 1,000.

Tier 3 [Three Artifact Traits [A, B, C])

The third tier has three traits. They are chosen entirely random and depend on your specialization. It seems any trait that doesn't have just one rank (1/1) can be found here.

Netherlight Crucible Pathing

The following paths are available for all tiers.

  • Tier 1 > Tier 2 (A) > either Tier 3 (A) or Tier 3 (B)
  • Tier 1 > Tier 2 (B) > either Tier 3 (B) or Tier 3 (C)


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i'm gonna end up feeling weird about this i'm a blood DK but it looks like a lot of the tanking powers are more light

Edited by Lamuria
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51 minutes ago, Lamuria said:

i'm gonna end up feeling weird about this i'm a blood DK but it looks like a lot of the tanking powers are more light

Think of it as a discipline priest would!

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Is there any point in "saving" a good relic?

I was lucky enough to get a 940 BIS relic yesterday, but now I am not sure if I should equip it. Can I still use the talent tree from the crucible on relics I allready equipped?

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19 hours ago, AartS said:

Is there any point in "saving" a good relic?

I was lucky enough to get a 940 BIS relic yesterday, but now I am not sure if I should equip it. Can I still use the talent tree from the crucible on relics I allready equipped?

The three circles at the top are your equipped relics. The square is for ones from inventory. You can equip it.

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On 9/11/2017 at 6:03 PM, calvinkandie said:

I'll be taking Light Speed for sure.

On a BDK, I'll take any movement speed increase available!

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