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[Area-52] [H] <Twisted by Design> (9/9 H) ToS

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Twisted by Design (Area-52, Horde): 9/9[H] ToS is recruiting players for our mythic progression roster.

Ideal players are:

- Active and competitive
- Currently raiding Heroic or Mythic ToS
- Can show up on time for raids 3 days a week
- Eager to learn and continuously work to improve their play
- Not dramatic and understand mythic progression is a grind
- Working towards maxing their artifact weapon (not sitting on alts before/after raid)
- Have an understanding of logs (WarcraftLogs) and how to analyze their performance

Requirements: 905+ ilvl, 52+ artifact traits
Bonus: History of 70%+ parses in logs are a large plus

A bit about us:
We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Area-52 (EDT) looking for solid players for current content progression. We currently run 9 hours per week, spread over 3 days.

We have a stable raid roster and players willing to put in the work required to progress - any new players can expect to benefit from that environment immediately.

We have a strong core of raiders with prior Heroic/Mythic experience. As a guild, we regularly run weekly 15+ keys and provide feasts and flasks for progression nights.

Our raid schedule is:

Tuesday (8PM - 11PM EDT)
Wednesday (8PM - 11PM EDT)
Thursday (8PM - 11PM EDT)

Our raid roster needs are:
High Priority:

Restoration Shaman / Elemental Shaman (ability to swap between specs as needed) 
Restoration Druid / Balance Druid (ability to swap between specs as needed)
Beast mastery Hunter
Markmanship Hunter

Low Priority:

All other DPS

*All exceptional players will be considered for a spot. We always take our 20 BEST into Mythic progression.
Please send an officer a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Contact info:
Tyeshali#1675 (Recruitment Officer)
Scrumptious#1951 (Recruitment Officer)
Maverick#1833 (Raid Lead)
Jugglez#1927 (Guild Lead)

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