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[Doomhammer/Turalyon] [A] <Waste Management> (7/9 H) Recruiting all roles

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Recruiting all roles!

We are an English-speaking Doomhammer-Turalyon guild that consists of a mixture of all player types (diehard Vanilla players, returned for Legion, started during different expansions, etc.) from various places throughout the UK and Europe. Although we are friendly and chatty this is not a “family friendly” guild – our members are all 18+ and mature language and things NSFW can be expected! Due to that we would not recommend joining if you are easily offended - but if you’re up for that we will welcome you with open arms :)

We are currently 7/9 Heroic Mode in Tomb and are looking to recruit talented, dedicated players to join us on Wednesday and Thursday nights, 20 – 23 pm Server Time.

We are currently seeking:

1 Tank (any class)

1 Healer (non-shaman!)

Multiple DPS (non-shaman preferred)

We welcome new guild members and are seeking players that would like to stay with us for Legion and future expansions. We are looking for fun, nice, active people – whether you are a raider or a social, like to do mythics, quests or lurk around just enjoying the conversation! We try to have an Alt/social raid at the weekends for people that can't commit to raiding days.

 If you are not from our server but are still interested in joining we would be happy to have you in our raids during your trial period, but would then like you to realm transfer to join the guild before becoming a raider – however this is all up to discussion.

Please note: Due to issues with new players coming along for 1 raid, winning loot and then never returning we do have a “recruit” status in place for new guild members and a trial period, plus at the moment we also use Loot Council system with the main goal of efficiently gearing our core raid team.

1. Trial period of the guild is 6 raid nights.

2. Guild bank repairs aren't available.

3. Guild bank enchants/gems aren't available.

4. Guild bank flask/pots cost reduction isn't available.

5. Loot council rules dictate Main spec raider > Main spec recruit.

At the end of the 6 raid nights a quick discussion between officers is done and a decision on promotion is made. After that Guild bank repairs, Guild bank enchants/gems, and Guild bank flask/pots cost reduction becomes available for Raider rank.

Please get in touch with any of the following players to discuss further:







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