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Demonology and Ask Mr Robot

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Always visited your website for good info and now I have a question.


Why does Ask Mr. Robot suggest to reforge into crit for a demo lock? I Always thought crit=shit.


I didn't follow their advise, because I don't understand it. At the moment I have gemmed/enchanted for Int>Hit>Haste(capped at 9211)>Mastery. And try to get the items in raids with Haste and Mastery.


Mr Robot suggests: Hit>Crit>Haste>=Mastery.


Anyone an idea why this is?


My Armory is:



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One more qustion. If you replace UVoLS for a SoO trinket, is crit then a good stat for demo locks? If so then I can also look out for more crit on gear, instead of passing it to someone else.

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      Edit: I went ahead and cut the sims to the bare minimum in both Simcraft and Ask Mr Robot so that the entire sim is just using Fury of the Eagle with no other buffs or abilities used for 360 seconds, and Simcraft still shows Fury of the Eagle as being massively more powerful than is shown in Ask Mr Robot sims. I'm not sure if this is helpful or not, but I figured I would share. The Ask Mr Robot sim of only Fury of the Eagle is the same as my in game values.